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Silvia Bernasconi
, patron of Done, communications agency that manages the event Toscana Ham Fest, We granted us a short interview on the present and future prospects of trade show.

Meanwhile we announce that A.R.S. Italy, thanks to an agreement with the organization, will have the free entries for all members who have confirmed your subscription for 2017. Reported the presence Vs to email segreteria@arsitalia.it

It’ a policy that our Association pursues: meet, as much as possible, the wishes of the Members.

Here is the interview.

(ed) As you all know, the first days of April, we will be at Toscana HamFest, in Montecatini location, known worldwide for the famous Term.
In the tradition, This year the management has gone to a known communication agency, the Done, of which is a manager Silvia Bernasconi we had the advantage of interviewing.

Silvia Bernasconi

D: Tuscany HamFest in a popular location and well known, (Montecatini Terme); What do you expect from this trade fair, typical for Amateur Radio.
Greetings to all the readers of the Newsletter "The Radio"And the A.R.S website. Italy. This annual event is expected by all radio amateurs, It is an unmissable event. We expect to meet friends OM, sharing a passion Ham, with the best leading companies and individuals from all over Italy.
D: Betting on quality and therefore on the organization. How will you manage it. There will be events related to the fair?
This year, in particolare, They are in various extra content program. Talk, Memorial, Desk and many surprises, thanks to the participation of exhibitors and speakers who will provide expertise and professionalism. Info and news on the web site: www.hamfestitalia.it
D: we know there are very reputable companies on your side. This is an added value for Tuscany HamFest?
Unfortunately, too often we visited events with little technical content is amateur radio and electronic. For this we have a high selection of exhibitors, that with the way they work enrich the event itself. I call them "essential", therefore they are part of the formula Ecco.Fatto.

D:Want to create a national circuit, we say, HamFest. A challenging job in an industry where, peraltro, there are already many important events.
And 'our intention to create annual events dedicated to the world of Amateur Radio, in various Italian regions. There are many markets in Italy, but do not welcome, by their nature, companies. Therefore it is important to create events where visitors can find both occasions, but also the new.
We have always invested in content, learn and engage with competent people has always been a unique added value often in exhibitions, for this we organize talks with speakers from all over Italy.
D: Send a message to all our readers readers
Thank you for your attention. We are excited about the projects that we will see next in this event. We expect many. Inside you will also find free parking, dining options and a small playground for the little ones.
Two days to the entire Radio in eight hectares of space, See you soon !


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