Circoli Diploma – An ARS Italia initiative

Here we go, ARS Italia starts with an initiative that aims to "drag" the largest number of Radio Amateurs to the Radio, whether or not they are Members of ARS Italia. It is an Award, like there are so many around but which stands out for being targeted, even for those radio amateurs who, due to work commitments, family members and more, they have little time to devote to their passion.
Basically and briefly, all the Circles, identified with IQ, of our Society will be in the air once a month, the first weekend, from July 1st to 2021 to the 31 May 2022. Obviously, you will have to connect them to get the necessary score. Sarà on air, in random mode and during the week, also our special callsign IQ0WX,

which will assign a higher score to the stations that are lucky enough to connect it. The cluster will provide useful research information.
The regulation can be downloaded from this link:
The peculiarity of this award lies entirely in the awards. You know well that our Society invests in useful things for radio amateurs. We have thought of something that every Om can add to their Radio station. We did it also thanks to the companies that support us and who were enthusiastic to be there with us because they are convinced by our strategy that is only aimed at awakening in us Radio Amateurs a passion that, for various reasons it is fading.
For those who are not comfortable with an RTX perhaps to be used on field days, who would not be comfortable with a professional telegraph key, or a nice full size triband HF antenna, or even a card for digital modes, a 50A power supply to end up with a V / Uhf vehicular RTX? Find all the info on the website Good, we have told you almost everything. All that remains is to participate and compete to win, in the proper ways of every good Om, respecting the rules and if we don't win, a beautiful parchment remains as a reminder of participation and the possibility of trying again ...
I have to thank all the Referents of our Clubs who gave the opportunity to realize this Award. I also thank Claudio IW1QLH who takes care of all the management of the rankings and all the radio amateurs who, beyond the flags, they will want to have fun by participating in our ARS Italia award.
Thank you all.
IK8LTB President of ARS Italy


First classified hunters


Powered by: CSY & Son

Second place hunters

Begali Expedition

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Third classified hunters


Powered by: Ham radio Shop

First place ARS activators : Antenna Yagi 3 elementi full size

Offered by: SmarTech

Second place activators ARS Vehicular dual band YAESU FTM7250DE

Powered by: Magic Phone


Third place ARS activators

Alimentatore 50A switching

Powered by: AED Telecommunications


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