ARS1The Circle A.R.S. Perugia PG01, on the day of 13 July 2014 triggered the archaeological site “Volumni Hypogeum” Perugia UMB006. Beautiful and charming place dating back to the sixth century BC, over 200 tombs dating back to that period.

Activation was also attended by our QSL Manager ARS, Marcello Pimpinelli I0PYP insieme al quale è stata attivata la stazione I0SNY/P.

Cento watt e un TS 440 Kw, have helped to achieve 112 links national and European. The antennas used for the occasion were a vertical 20 and 40 meters and a dipole inverted V place about 12 meters above the ground.
This new activity that involves several Italian clubs, will be the harbinger of an agreement that will topsigned in the coming days between ARS Amateur Radio Society by the President IK8LTB Francis and the Top Radio Team led by the excellent IZ8XOU M.ROSARIA and Gianni IK8MRA, Holders of this certificate seguitissimo at Italian and European level.

A joint venture in the world's amateur radio, fragmented into a thousand streams often inconsistent. Other activities and partinerschip will see protagonist ARS Italy and other associations of radio amateurs. Clear and unequivocal signal of our willingness to cooperate as a single resource qualifying our wonderful Amateur Radio activity.

But here are the photos of the activation of the archaeological site UMB006:
















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