Ars Italia, Marcony Day: a useful prize…

As you know, ARS Italia is the Association that supported the Marconi Day 2020. It is useless to reiterate the success of this event: is there for all to see. Ars Italia sponsored the diploma by making a prize available for one of the categories provided. We gave away an antenna for the ranges reserved for radio amateurs in collaboration with one of the best known and most professional companies in the sector: SmarTech Antenne, owned by an Om colleague but above all a great friend: IK8LOV Max Laconca.

SmarTech stands out for its corporate professionalism and the quality of the products marketed, concerning the civil sphere, scientific and amateur radio. There are many possibilities to choose dedicated antennas and full size monoband and for this reason optimized in terms of earnings and performance. Great appreciation for the truly robust and excellent quality mechanics.
Ars Italia and several of its Members use the products SmarTech because designed by professionals and calculated with precision in all its electrical and mechanical components. The reason is simple: Max Laconca, IK8LOV is an OM who knows well the peculiarities required of an antenna for radio amateurs.

SmarTech Antenne entrusts the production to highly specialized factories with numerically controlled equipment, laser cutting and 3D printing, starting from CAD / CAE technical drawings provided by SmarTech Innovations.
In this way, the limits of technological obsolescence of production machines linked to the use of a single production plant are overcome.
The components are made drawing from time to time from the best technological and qualitative offer that the Italian know-how offers.

Thanks to SmarTech for accepting our invitation to support this event. Con SmarTech is easier!




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