ARS Italia: We meet RSGB and R.A.S.A.

It’ very important for a national association to weave and maintain relationships with other foreign associations.
Not just because radiantism, For definition, knows no boundaries, but because ideas come from this knowledge, exchanges and mutual collaborations in the interest of all.
Our Association, through our Honorary President I4AWX, Luigi Belvederi, has established contacts with the United Kingdom (G-QRP) ed Australia (TASTE), and obtained the opportunity to reproduce and adapt in Italian articles published by these two associations.
So introduce yourself briefly (for those who do not already know them) these two associative realities, let's meet the next issues of our magazine LA RADIO, that in this way we will make it even more beautiful, qualified and international.


The GQRP Club It was established in 1974 of George Dobbs G3RJV (SK), and is totally dedicated to the promotion and development of the QRP, and that is, of low power transmissions, especially in terms of self-construction.
Il G-QRP Club, which today boasts approx 4.000 members worldwide, publishes a quarterly magazine called FLOOR (acronimo di Small Powered Radio Amateur Transmissions), and contains articles of varying complexity, from simple "week-end projects" to more complex radio transmitters and receivers, with a look also to the "vintage" tube, contest and diplomas.
The membership fees are decidedly modest and within everyone's reach, and through the Club you can also make purchases of very interesting and often difficult to find electronic components.
With absolute certainty we can say that SPRAT has become a worldwide reference point in the world of QRP and self-construction enthusiasts.

We come to the:
The R.A.S.A., Radio Amateur Society of Australia, born in 2018. Today they are almost part of it 600 Australian radio amateurs. Those who join RASA can be members of any other Association, a bit like ARS Italia. This association uses, for their meetings and for their management, the new technologies that allow you to meet remotely. That is, there is no headquarters, a physical location, but everything is shared on the cloud thus helping to keep management costs really low.
Also R.A.S.A. publishes a Bulletin and uses social media a lot.
The knowledge of this reality has confirmed to us the topicality of the choices of ARS Italia, in tune with the times that have changed, and going in the direction of:
-a digital only magazine (the paper ones are too expensive and are disappearing quickly enough);
– a "virtual office" (it makes no sense to pay expensive rents in the center of big cities);
– an offer of services always digitally (, online CW courses: in the evening one is tired and does not want to go out to "go to the course").
La Radio Amateur Society of Australia also creates some technical sites on specialized topics of great amateur interest, on which our collaboration will mainly develop, with very interesting articles that we can't wait to offer you.
The president of the association is Glenn Dunstan, VK4DU.

We wanted to talk about these associations for the simple reason that A.R.S. Italy, thanks to the good relations that our Honorary President Luigi I4AWX, entertains with the respective Presidents. Exchange of ideas, of knowledge, content sharing, will be the basis of this collaboration. A.R.S. Italy he only has to thank the "Governors" of the two "Societies respectively G0FUW protempore President of the GQRP and Glenn Dunstan VK4DU President R.A.S.A., for their availability. In the near future you will be able to read the contributions of the two associations in our newspaper "La Radio" and on our institutional website, obviously translated into our mother tongue.

G0FUW Steve Hartley – GQRP President

VK4DU Glenn President R.A.S.A.

I4AWX Hn. President of ARS Italia

George Dobbs G3RJV (SK) – GQRP Club Founder


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