ISS again in SSTV

amateur Friends, you failed to get the diploma for the activity SSTV Space Station last week? No fear, because the campaign has been extended to this weekend!
The Kenwood D710 in the Russian segment of the International Space Station will be activated again in SSTV mode

This time the activity is sponsored by NASA On The Air (NOTE) e da ARISS and it was decided to transmit images in a continuous loop throughout the weekend and not only for sexoni limited as had happened last week.

The broadcast times according to the latest communications should be (barring unforeseen circumstances):
from 08:45 UTC today 15 February, to 17:25 UTC on Sunday 17 February.

As usual will be on the downlink 145.800 MHz FM-N, so PD120; They are amateur or not try to decode pictures (you can find online tutorials on how to use such a simple SDR dongle and app on your mobile).
Postateci images that manage to capture, send them off but especially at this link:
Once you will appear in the site list, you can request a certificate of participation here:

The steps favorable for Italy will be fifteen: good hunting!

(source Astronautcast)


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