Part of the “Graduate Saracen Towers”

A.R.S.- Amateur Radio Society

He wishes to make a necessary contribution to renew the memory of these historical monuments:

The Saracen Towers

In order to promote knowledge and cataloging, the " Torri Saracene Award"It is offered to all OM / YL and SWL of the world.

Since ancient times were built on sea coasts, coastal towers with a watchtower against piracy, but we have to get to the tenth or eleventh century because they had a specifically anti connotation – Saracena.

In several locations in southern Italy were built lookout towers to defend the ports and major cities.

It was the Angevin think of a permanent and complete system of defense and signaling with smoke from fires in the towers placed headlands and in sight of each other. Such a system was realized only minimally, Also due to the continuous political changes and ended up passing under the control of the feudal lords and their families who wanted to protect their territories, rather than the populations of the towns.

A.R.S. Italy She wants to participate in the activities of large cash “Radio” con un Award that not too many constraints, which it is based on the commitment and honesty of Activators and participation of all OM.

A brief on our site, It will be made public a page where you will find the Rules and all information useful for the work that we propose.

There will be some good news that you will find online. We managed, with the help of some friends, to provide exclusive service, until now, we never made available for this type of activity.

They are also the rewarding interesting. You know that, we try to do something extra for Radioamatori.

Join the crowd, not be disappointed.

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