ARS RC02 – AWARD “Locri Epizifiri”

Locri Epizefiri It was a city of Magna Grecia, founded the Ionian Sea, in the seventh century BC, by Greek, It was the last of the Greek colonies founded on the territory of Calabria. The settlers, arrived at the beginning of the seventh century BC, The archaeological area of ​​Locri is located in the municipality of Portigliola, about 3 km south of the town of the town of Locri, It extends into the flat land between the torrent Portigliola, Fiumara Gerace, the low hills of Castellace, Abbadessa e Manella, and the sea. The fact that this remote area lies by today's population centers has almost entirely preserved the ancient city.
The ancient city, which he was defended by walls of 7 km, still visible in many traits. Outside the walls extend the necropolis, while most of the sacred areas are disposed in the vicinity of the boundary. The sanctuaries inside the walls have a monumental temple buildings, dating back to the Archaic Period, while those located immediately outside have an aspect less monumental.
Later the city declined in the eighth century and was abandoned by residents who retreated inland.

RULES FOR THE 'AWARD "Locri Epizifiri"

The ARS LOCRI RC Group 02 IQ8NQ establishing a Diploma called "LOCRI EPIZEFIRI" Available to all Radio Amateurs of any nation.
1. The event will take place at 07:00 UTC del 18.11.2017 and end on 25.11.2017 pm 23:00 UTC. It will operate on amateur radio ranges 10/15/20/40 / 80m, Ars Locri RC of the club name 02 used in the call will be IQ8NQ.

2. The IQ8NQ calling station you can contact only once per band or ways of emission-PSK SSB-CW-RTTY.
The voice call will be: CQ IQ8NQ, AWARD LOCRI EPIZEFIRI
The call will be digitally: CQ IQ8NQ, LOCRI AWARD

3. To achieve the Diploma of participation must have at least one contact with the calling station, and it will be sent free of charge in PDF format.

4. To make the conferment request must send confirmation of contact, the Manager , which will be sent by e-mail within one week from the time of the request.

The Manager


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