ARS Prato PO01 on air: EU131


After the positive experience of Giglio, the team of IQ5ZP circle ARS Prato Po-01 She is pleased to announce another small dx pedition, This time it's up to the Venetian islands and for the clarification'Island of Lido which is part of the group of islands I-131.
We will be active from Friday 22 afternoon until Sunday 24 morning , We will cover bands from 10 meters to 40 meters allowing propagation. The name used is IL3 / IQ5ZP for IOTA, They will also be activated with their names IL3 / well 4 references of the Italian castles degree DCI VE-094 AND-098 AND-009 AND-087 and a reference to the flora fauna degree IFF 0411 Oasis of the dunes of Alberoni.
Given the coincidence of the expedition with the performance of the CQ WW RTTY station a call from Saturday night to Sunday morning RTTY with IL3 / IQ5ZP.

The members of DX pedition are IU5ASA, IU5CTX, IU5BLZ, IZ5NRF, vi aspettiamo on air.

Thanks to all.

Iz5nrf Francis contact Circle of Prato PO-01.



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