Diploma “Mercuri6”: BA02 among activators

many will remember John Glenn. It was the first astronaut of the program "Mercury"To be launched into space. It was all part of the race between Stati Uniti and the Soviet Union.
Genn was drafted by N.A.S.A., the American Space Agency. The 20 February 1962, date of the first launch of the mission Mercuri-Atlas 6, astronaut became the first American to go into orbit around our planet. He stayed there for nearly five hours, completing three laps around the Terra, come Jurij Gagarin.
The association CRT, devotes a Award to this event, “Space Final Frontier”, which participates in our Circle Bari 02, led by Giuseppe De Bellis IU7GQZ.

the recommendation, for all those between Soci A.R.S. who will participate, It is to try and connect, among the others, the station of our club BA02.


Diploma is open to all: OM, YL and SWL. The stations accredited call: “CQ MERCURY 6 – JOHN GLENN”, pass only receive report and a point.
Date of the event: Saturday 18 and Sunday 19/02/2017, from 00:00 Saturday at UTC 23:59 UTC on Sunday.
All stations are worth one point and are connected once for each single band every day. The bands are used: 80,40,20,15,10 meters, the mode is SSB.
Award Manager IW6ATQ.
To get the diploma will be in JPG must total at least 6 points for Italians, for other countries in Europe 4 points, outside Europe 3 points. The diplomas will be processed as soon as possible.
The total points are going to compete with the next diplomas “AREA LAST FRONTIER” which will end with 20 years after the launch of the first stage of I.S.S. the 20 November 2018, so you should score more points, long term will serve you and completed a diploma in 2018 They are provided prizes.. ..

The activators will receive a recognition in digital format in addition to the hunter's degree. The Circle ARS Italy BA02 is activator.

The diploma is only required to: spazio@crt.red by 28 February 2017. It is not necessary to send the Log except in case of dispute. Ranking with scores will be published on the site Conero Radio Team at: www.dsuf.tk General Log will be placed on clublog so everyone will check their score.
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