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IK0ZME Giancarlo Fabroni

A.R.S. Italy Society is a constantly moving, always changing. With this in mind we have identified the member of our club Fr02, IK0Z Up Giancarlo Fabroni, as the new Head of the Center Italy. The regions concerned are LAZIO - UMBRIA - MARCHE - ABRUZZO - MOLISE. Regions where A.R.S., thanks to the work of Louis IK0OZB, we recorded a large number of accessions. Luigi decided to engage in another in A.R.S., tasks that surely will bear fruit.

Giancarlo IK0ZME He is very experienced person who has been able to understand our philosophy, which is that of the opening to the Shareholders initiatives, sharing, the frank and sincere dialogue and friendship.

We are a big family and, as such, we should behave.

Congratulations to Gianfranco, The wait a painstaking job that, ne siamo certi, It will give a new impetus to the activities of ARS Italy.

In our association there is room for everyone and, above all, for those who want to do, get up our sleeves and work. We could cite a number of shareholders, free, they do it: It was also to tell us thanks. We are bending over backwards and we will continue because only in work, done seriously, by its results. the news “The Radio” It is an illustration. Soon we will be protagonists of new initiatives open to all. Radio must unite, You must find a rule, the crop, math, the greatest common divisor, that unite them.

We try, everyday, for 365 days a year.

Stupid barriers speak for themselves and belong to individuals who can only cultivate a small vegetable garden that will never give fruit and destroy the public image of Amateur Radio (with a capital R) and associations to which they refer. There were so many in A.R.S. by that time they have migrated from other. We express all our sincere wishes….


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