Born on the 4th Circle ARS in Puglia

We have always said. ARS Italia It became the center of attraction of many Radioamatori who want to be in an association who looks only to work in their exclusive interest. We have always been and will continue to do so with actions, not in words.

In this optical attractiveness, it consists of very little and according to the rules we have set ourselves, il nuovo Circle ARS Italy nella provincia di Bari: BA03

A group of OM who want to express their thoughts freely and contribute to the development of our Society.

Fabio Ref IZ7XIB. BA03 – Gravina di Puglia

The contact person is the Club Fabio IZ7XIB who has complied with all the formal procedures for the opening of the Circle.

Welcome to our family, a place where friendship and respect matter a lot.

Gravina in Puglia, in local dialect Gravéine, up to 1863 call Gravina, Also known as Gravina di Puglia, It is an Italian town of 43 860 inhabitants of the metropolitan city of Bari, in Puglia. Houses the Alta Murgia National Park.

the name “Gravina” It comes from the ravines, cracks in the earth's crust in the canyon similar. On the motto written on the city banner is written "Grana dat vina et” (trad. “provides grain and wine”), awarded to the city by Frederick II of Swabia, who loved this city so much to define it “garden of delights”. He, in fact, He did make the spot a castle, which remain the ruins can be visited, whose function was to host him and his men, before and after hunts conducted in Murgia.
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