Apart from the CQBB MDXC

How many years in this part, Saturday and next Sunday, He repeats the appointment with the CQBB, the contest signed by Mediterraneo DX Club. It’ one of the contest which maintains its charm and is very attended by the Italian Amateur Radio. ARS Italia will be present with the voice of their Circles and Soci.

Below Regulation


7/8 JANUARY 2017
(created by Alessandro Graziani IZ5MOQ)
Utilities in evidence: The rule of 10-10

Are invited to attend all OM and SWL Italian, Canton Ticino, Canton of Grisons Italian and San Marino. Are only valid QSOs with stations operating from Italian territory, the Republic of San Marino, from Ticino, from Canton Grisons Italian (Swiss Italian), from the Vatican and the SMOM.

It LOW BAND CQ ITALIA 2017, organized by the Mediterraneo DX Club, will start from the hours 13:00Saturday z 7 January and will end at 12:59Sunday z 8 January.

Connections are allowed only on the frequency bands of 40, 80 and 160 meters, the emission modes CW and SSB, and as indicated in section "LIMITATION", paragraph b).

a) During the event will be used, at the discretion of the participants and in compliance with the regulations of the respective countries, names and names of special section or clubs. Stations Club, Sections and Marconi stations can participate only to the category MultiOperator.
b) Regardless of the category of participation, those who will be operating outside of the address shown on your amateur radio license, MANDATORY will declare it using the name strikeout call area, even in the case in which the province remains the same. Example: if IZ2KXC attend the address indicated on the license use IZ2KXC; from one location in the same province IZ2KXC / 2; from one location in the same call area IZ2KXC / 2; from one location to a different call area IZ2KXC / the number of different call area. The name must be logged in to extended (IZ2KXC / 2) otherwise result in the cancellation of the QSO
c) For stations QRP, in the call or in the response is required to add their names to the indication / QRP; such information is an integral part of the name must be indicated in the LOG even by those who connect these stations (IZ2KXC / QRP). For QRP stations are those operating with a power output not exceeding 5 Watt. Participants in the section / overlay QRP must enclose a signed statement to the log stating that it complied power level above and concise overview of the apparatus used, including any device for the reduction of power. In the case of the participants made equipment shall attach the wiring diagram of the device used. The lack of such a declaration will automatically trigger the participation as normal station.

Phony: Low Band CQ Italia
Telegraphy: CQBBI
1. Single operator SSB
2. Single Operator CW
3. Single operator MIXED
4. MULTI operator MIXED ( ONLY Single TX )
5. Single operator MIXED 40
6. Single operator MIXED 80
7. Single operator MIXED 160
8. SWL
1. YL ( operators )
2. QRP ( max 5 watt )

RS(T) and automotive theme song. Club members should be recognizable through, in addition to the automotive theme song, Also their number MDXC. The canton of Ticino (TI), Graubünden Italian (GRAY), the Vatican (SCV), the Republic of San Marino (RSM) and the SMOM (SMM) during the Contest shall be considered as the Italian provinces.
Valid QSOs will be those 2 way

The Regional score will be calculated by the sum of points obtained by each district
In the following way:
Each District will sum the points of a maximum of 5 stations (belonging) who have scored the highest score.
In the computation of the scores can participate no more than 1 MULTIOPERATORS STATION, for the other categories there are no restrictions, staying out of the calculation the SWL stations,
and remaining still while the maximum number (5) stations to be added up for each district
In addition to the total sum of all the districts, It will be added to the score of the best CW, and the best SECTION station (IQ) (1 CW station and Section IQ for each Region)
Whether belonging (so Members) or not, to MEDITERRANEAN DX CLUB
In the case in which one of the two already been cast both types in the total computation
(socio name, or Section MDXC) the station to be added to the total will be the next instant to the same.
Pot Regions, (for now) will not give right to any kind of award from the Group, but at the same time it encourages the Regional Coordinators and / or Directors to make an assessment tool and to propose events or those inherent Meetings
The total score you will have taking into account the parameters listed below.
1 point for each QSO bilateral band 40mt. (SSB)
1 point for each QSO bilateral band 80mt. (SSB)
1 point for each QSO bilateral band 160mt. (SSB)
2 points for each QSO in telegraphy (CW)
10 points for each QSO with bilateral IQ stations, IY, regardless of band and mode
The same station can be connected in SSB and CW 40, 80 and 160 meters for a maximum of six times (once per band and mode).
SWL receive the same points of OM, 1 point for each station heard in voice, 2 points for each played into the CW, 10 played IQ points for each station and / or IY regardless of the band and the way. Each name will appear once as the radio station and no more than three times as corresponding station. The above applies separately in SSB, CW, both in 40, 80 in that 160 meters. the ratings are valid of their province.
1 MULTIPLIER each more Ticino Italian province, Grisons, Vatican, San Marino and SMOM connected for each band and mode. Ticino, Grisons, Vatican, San Marino and SMOM during the Contest shall be considered as the Italian provinces, then apply a multiplier
1 MULTIPLIER per member MDXC connected on each band and mode
The final score will be determined by the following calculation: sum of the points multiplied the sum of multipliers.
The logs shall be identified in the order the following data:
data, ora utc, name of the radio station, il rapporto da essa passato (including the theme song
automotive of two or three letters and any number MDXC), the output mode, the band, il nominativo completo del corrispondente, score, multipliers.

a) Frequencies: QSOs made outside of the frequencies allocated to the radiomatore service in Italy are STRICTLY prohibited. Convention for this rule is also applied to the stations of the other eligible countries to participate in the Contest.
b) Band Plan del Contest : will be considered valid for scoring purposes ONLY QSOs CARRIED OUT IN RESPECT OF CURRENT BAND NATIONAL PLAN, It is also strongly recommended the respect of the usually frequency portions dedicated to different modes of emission,so 'as IARU Band Plan.
c) 160 meters, rule 10 10: ONLY for this band, each participant, whatever category of participation, and the output mode is required to observe a break of at least 10 minutes each 10 minutes maximum operations. Example: if you make the first QSO in 160 pm 18.33; I will be able to log QSOs at most up to 18.43; I will then resume to make connections in 160 Earliest 18.53 and so on. During rest periods compulsory in 160 posssono freely they are made QSO on other bands: It is NOT possible in 160 alternate 10 minute speech to 10 Minuti di telegraphy. The break in band 160 It MUST be effective regardless of the manner of issue.
The "" of the session 10 minutes is considered complete ( and then you can no longer make QSOs on 160m ):
dopo 10 minutes after the first QSO ( only if there were no band changes )
the first QSO on another band, even if less of 10 minutes after the first QSO 160
d) Multi : the multi-operator stations must operate MANDATORY with one tx, They are therefore PROHIBITED simultaneous emissions.
and) Multi : ONLY for multi-operator stations applies the rule of TEN MINUTES band before you can make a QSY; ie keeping on each band can not last less than ten minutes. Even for multi station operation applies the provisions of Item c) for the band of the 160 meters. ... That is the permanence of each band can not last less than ten minutes, measured from the first QSO made on that band.
Click here for further details on the rules 10 minutes in the 160m, and the Multi-Operator
f) Multi : Multi stations can have the station and antennas within a maximum radius of 500 meters
g) DX Cluster: the use of the cluster is allowed to all participants, but with the ban on operations of Self Spotting. Logically, this also concerns the respective components of the multi, which spottando multi call with staff precisely commit self spotting, as members of the same

QSO unverifiable: Each QSO "WRONG" or "NOT VERIFIABLE" will be canceled and will result in a penalty of 2 points.
Excessive unverifiable QSOs will result in exclusion from the classification of the log and the same will be considered check logs.
Failure to comply with the provisions of section "LIMITATION" will result in the following penalties:
points)b)c)d)and)f)g) : disqualification

COMPLAINTS AND SIGNALS: Reports and complaints of any kind will be considered and evaluated only if sent within the period provided for sending the LOG ( stated in the following 5 days of the end of the Contest itself )

Contest Committee members will carry out checks on the regularity of the transactions during the entire duration of the Contest. Such controls may be carried out either by listening radio and the aid of computer systems, either by direct inspection during the contest. Operators should deny entry to an authorized inspecting at your desk, dwelling or other, They automatically will put in a position to check Log.
Every decision of the Contest Committee will be final and binding.
The logs are accepted ONLY in Cabrillo format. Participants are invited to use the software QARTest of IK3QAR - Paolo Program home page.
For SWL is recommended Marek SP7DQR program downloadable at http://www.sp7dqr.pl/zawody.php#swl_dqr_log
The paper logs NO LONGER 'ACCEPTED.

Two words on the log.
What about the preparation for the contest, which often begins days, or even weeks before? how much effort, time, efforts to obtain the best possible result in view of those 24 hours when we play what has been done so far?
Have you ever wondered when the contest ends? Simple, of network. The 13z Sunday, After all that effort!
It really is not so: contest, and your commitment, It ends when you send the log. Until then you are in fact out of the rankings.
The log is the "signature" final, Your business card, your tone with which validated all the hard work done before and during the contest. It would be a shame to nullify, no?
Unfortunately,, instead, the perception by some towards the compilation and submission of the log is almost discomfort. And we realize it would punctually, since shortly after the end of the Contest, when we start to receive the logs in the formats and with disparate blunders.
Using software suggested by committee, the problems are minimized, provided you properly fill out your personal data, specific ones of the contest in the initial screen, and send the correct file.
Coprendiamo it is not right to force to use a certain software, why everyone is free to use software that wants, as long as the log sent to us respecting the required format.
So far we have turned a blind eye, rather, both, correcting us, When possible, problems.
In our contest, as organizers, we make tremendous efforts to carefully check the logs and to provide the results in the shortest time possible. From now on, we expect increased awareness and cooperation from all participants, and who will not send the log in the required format and / or errors, if you will send back the request for correction.
The Cabrillo format
Cabrillo ... that weird name!
Its origins go back several years ago ', and must be sought in the US when Trey N5KO one day he invented, with the collaboration of other OM,
a "universal" format that was adaptable in a simple way in all the contest.
In fact, today the Cabrillo became the standard reference format, required by all HF contest in the world.
It is a normal text file, then read with the simple Notepad (Notepad) di Windows, even if the requested extension is
conventionally .log
The structure of the Cabrillo is well defined, then it MUST be respected in its specific, no fanciful changes or additions by
the participant, otherwise the non-recognition of the format to the organizers and to process it impossiblità.
The software for the management of the contest create the Cabrillo log in the correct format and ready to send, whereby in 99% of cases, the log needs to be
left as is and shipped.
For the curious, and for those who do not use a software that can generate the Cabrillo specific for a particular contest, the file is written in
clear. It is therefore not necessary to be software engineers to understand what's written inside.
Although the maximum structure is the same for any contest, each one has slight differences, because of the different and catatteristiche
Regulation of each contest.
The Cabrillo consists of two parts. Here is a detailed both, using as an example a log in correct Cabrillo format to the Basse CQ Bande
- The header (Header): Here are all the data related to the type of contest, category of participation, callsign, address, total score, comments etc ...

CREATED-BY: QARTest 5.12.1
NAME: Mario Rossi

- The part data: Here they are listed all the QSO
QSO: 7102 PH 2016-01-09 1300 IU2XYZ 59 MI IZ0PMV 59 RM
QSO: 7106 PH 2016-01-09 1300 IU2XYZ 59 MI IQ5BA 59 LI
QSO: 7109 PH 2016-01-09 1301 IU2XYZ 59 MI IZ1SUZ 59 TO 689
QSO: 7092 PH 2016-01-09 1302 IU2XYZ 59 MI IZ5EKV 59 BE 777
QSO: 7138 PH 2016-01-09 1304 IU2XYZ 59 MI IK6OAK 59 CH
QSO: 7138 PH 2016-01-09 1305 IU2XYZ 59 MI IZ0PAP / 0 59 LT 686
QSO: 7138 PH 2016-01-09 1306 IU2XYZ 59 MI IQ3UD 59 UD
QSO: 7136 PH 2016-01-09 1307 IU2XYZ 59 MI IQ4FA 59 FE
QSO: 7140 PH 2016-01-09 1308 IU2XYZ 59 MI IW3RUA / IT9 59 AG 122
QSO: 7143 PH 2016-01-09 1308 IU2XYZ 59 MI IZ5MMB 59 MS 135
QSO: 7145 PH 2016-01-09 1309 IU2XYZ 59 MI IQ1BD 59 VC
QSO: 7156 PH 2016-01-09 1309 IU2XYZ 59 MI IQ5AA 59 YES

It's easy, already at first sight, understand the meaning of the data of both sections, but we insist that the property MUST be this,
and NOT can be changed at will, removing or adding parts, such as indicating the double or multipliers: these,
in fact, They are always checked and recalculated by the Contest Committee of each contest, and should not be typed.
We hope that this explanation may be helpful to better understand the importance of a make compilation of log.
Just very little effort to help us tremendously!
I Log They must be sent by robots available on this site no later than the 23,59 of 13 January 2017 to the following address: http://www.mdxc.org/cqbbi/invia-il-tuo-log/
Participants in the SWL category should send their log within 48 hours of the day when the contest ends. SWL that will not send the log within the time allowed will be considered control-log.Saranno considered check logs messages sent by operators who will be explicitly requested.
Recommended program for SWL downloadable http://www.sp7dqr.pl/zawody.php#swl_dqr_log

There will be prizes for the top finishers in each category. It 'expected to award the driven single ( YL ) who totaled the most points.

It 'expected to award the station / QRP who totaled the most points. electronic attestation for all stations that will send log. Prizes not collected in person during the prize-giving will remain available to interested parties, at the headquarters of the Club. If you are entitled to an award category and one overlay, It will be assigned to the category and the one assigned to the second overlay

DELIVERY and / or awards custody
Prizes not collected the awards will be received (by request, with exact address) to the address indicated there, after sending the amount needed for shipping. Otherwise prizes will be held by the group, and made available to the winners at fairs or other events where we are present.
In the second case, a communication will be necessary, from the winners, on who and when the prize will be withdrawn.

By sending the contest log Bands Low, each operator implicitly declares to have read this Regulation, to accept it in its entirety and that it acted in compliance with applicable laws and regulations governing the amateur service in Italy.


Source: http://www.mdxc.org/cqbbi/


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