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The enthusiasm that we were able to generate is explained in the will of many Members who have sought to give a factual contrubuto to our information.

We appeal to everyone because we believe that sharing a little knowledge is good for our environment, in which, often, reigns much incompetence.

We believe that we share because we are certain that comes from knowing a better generation of OM: he feels the need.

We are pretty much ready.

Radioamatori, Soci, OM from different backgrounds, They have ventured into this issue. You'll see them in the picture and you can also send their requests for clarification, suggestions about their writings.

We believe in a simple information, intuitive. It is not easy to grasp the objective, we try. You'll tell us if it is okay or not, to suggest adjustments work in progress.

It would have been easy to edit cloning here and there. We looked for, on the contrary, to give space to those who want to commit themselves. nevertheless, ridonderemo news from the web that we believe may be of interest to all Radio Amateurs, obviously quoting sources.

Thanks to all those who collaborated by sending their articles. you will find them, signed, in our Newsletter “The Radio”. All, I tell all, They can share with us a little bit to know.

Shared knowledge generates, in questo caso, good OM.

We look forward to:


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