Adventure in ZA by IU7GSN

License-iu7gsnIt 'a speech granted, but the amateur radio always has the fixed idea of ​​uniting business with pleasure: in this case to combine the holiday with family, with some activation in the handset or some new reference.
From April there was talk of leave, of Greek islands, Favignana, Albania. Doing local mind was better one FOR that the usual "summer" SV8 or SV9 and then I pushed, slightly, for the 'Albania and in particular to Saranda, in the southern part of the country. But the first problems begin. Albania while accepting amateur radio licenses and authorizations CEPT, He asks to certify everything from your Ministry of Telecommunications. Help came in an Italian citizen residing in Saranda, Dimitri IW2JOP, who with great courtesy and immense it recovered the temporary authorization to use the call ZA3/IU7GSN.
The next step was to decide how and where to be operational. Notwithstanding the use of the SSB, I wanted to try my hand even in the digital mode, because traders established the snub: I joined my FT857 and to my laptop with FlDigi, the digital interface TinyGate of RFSystem. I had already tested the compactness of this interface in Italy, simplicity nell'interfacciarla with any radio thanks to its modular connector CAT5 and it was a must place it in the trolley for the Radio.
Another important point the antennas. Here I could open diatribes and high philosophical discourses, but in the end I made the choice to fall on something simple:
• I 40 e i 15 (in 3rd harmonic) I managed it with an inverted V dipole, using as a support pole 15m fiberglass of DxWire;
• I 20 with a single element quad romboidale, to lower the impedance to 50 ohm, without using stub, always on the pole in fiberglass cruising and built by me;
• I 10 with a Gainmaster built by his friend Darek IU4FCK;
• Emergency threads on a multi-un 1:4/1:16/1:20, because you can never know;
• Coax RG58 con balun a corrente su ft140-43 5+5 spire.20160811_111140
I discover that the apartment has a large balcony on the top floor: I get on the quad for 20 and you start. I shuttled between SSB, PSK and RTTY much to the embarrassment of family and friends who come to visit us in the apartment when I answer in SSB "five-nive, seventy-three”, because it is still difficult to understand 'it is what the radio at all. In the following days I decide to operate in 40, but the dipole resonates far below, and while shortening the arms I can not get out, perhaps for the metallic structure of the balcony. I decide to put it all in a vertical, radiator on the barrel and the cold side of the dipole lying on the balcony. By twisting the wire on itself, I can have resonance at the center band, with ROS manageable at lower band edges. Vado on-air in SSB, first calls from the Mediterranean basin, then the first spot and then the welter of calls that force me split, because it is right to listen to and connect all! The split is the most democratic thing there, in my opinion, because it gives the possibility, in a wider slice, to call all: the operator will certainly succeed to separate most of the OM. The digital 40 primetime offers beautiful openings Russia Asian and the Japan. I 10 meters with the vertical have offered very little, I think 7 QSO, but with very strong and stable signals, We stand that sometimes we focus on "usual" bands, but we should also make other puntatine, because the spread is really dancer.
The conclusions of this latest vacation with Radio are about 1000 QSO, although the weather is always a tyrant and family demands just when you begin the pileup.
The axiom that when it starts the pileup, there is an urgent need you at home, I still can not assimilate, but beyond that radio amateurs or Radioamanti, XYL eat says mia, we also have a family. Let us never forget.
Good activations at all.

(ed): A.R.S. Italy would like to thank my colleague and Socio IU7GSN Nicola for the great contribution to the Association.





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