TP01 ARS Italy at the starting line

IMG_3512It started the activities of the Club A.R.S. TP01 of Alcamo the Field Day Sicilia 144 Mhz, with a bit ahead of the time set.
Having not yet received the name of the club by the Ministry, we proceeded in single operator mode, with the call of Roberto IT9NVE.
There is also an experience that served to test the radio and antennae of our club.
They were 110 the connections made with a propagation that has left something to be desired, using an antenna directive 16 elements for 2 meters built car, first using an old radio that gave us a lot of satisfaction, the Kenwood TS700s and then an Icom IC-7400.
The location was the home of Circle TP01 Alcamo. With IT9NVE Roberto, They have helped Francis to Pc and Leonardo IT9FZX. Our other partner and friend, Francis IT9FAF, He was busy with directing antenna where the signal was stronger.
Overall it was a good day, fun and very satisfying since already from the day before, from the antenna to the mounting evidence of proper operation of the set up.

In a few days to participate Field Day of 50 MHZ, with the antenna construction and the various tests.

Hello everyone hope to feel in on air.

(ed) I had written that this club was born under a lucky star and we were not wrong. Besides, who is in Italy ARS knows they can give vent to his wishes, and to be fully backed by our Society.

We do not have that to thank Leonardo and around the Circle of TP01 and express our desire gratuificare their effort as we have done with other clubs.


Here are some photos:



The station for the Fiel Day


Kenwood Ts700s, mythical!

IMG_2053 IMG_2030


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