CE01 if not closed. New ref. onair

IQ8UN 600x300Our circle of Cales and its adherents, They do not intend to stop and confirm the activation of other references for D.A.I. – D.M.I. IFF and weather permitting.

But here are the details:

CE01 Cales di Calvi Risorta (EC), activated in 20 and 40 meters the following references from San Gregorio Matese (EC) JN71ej with the call IQ8UN/P:

Diploma Abbeys Italian DAI CP 0426: Church / Monastery of San Gregorio (ruin) New One
Diploma Italian Municipalities DMI C408: San Gregorio City Hall Matese
Diploma Flora e Fauna IFF – 0181: Regional Park of Matese


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