Vaocap, a useful software for OM


I5DOF Franco – Referente LU01

Our friend Franco I5DOF ref. of LU01, finds them all, his goodness, It makes us sharers. So we are happy to extend to all Members A.R.S. Italy and also to those who look on our site.

“You knew the program VOACAP ?

Made the QSO forecast hour by hour:

Insert date, ora, TCF, data apparatus and frequency / etc so, and he predicts you where presumably will come your airwaves …..

Nice, and I must say that I tried it and it works.Vaocap

The figure SSN top right ( sun spot number ) changes monthly and are in this other link:

73 de I5DOF Franco

(ed) Thanks Franco, grumbling grumbling, It gives us these interesting news. We love you.



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