Project-youth logo 2Morning of 8 November this year dedicated to the young and the Radio Technical Institute Industrial M.Milano Polistena (RC).

Starting at 10,00 will take place about the links with other schools on the amateur bands and in particular on 40 meters.

The opportunity will open the new facilities of the Laboratory of Telecommunications obtained through the project carried out by the engineer. Alessandro Pochì alias IK8YFU.

PON – FESR 2007 IT 16 1 PO 004 Axis II "Quality of school environments" - Operational Objective E.1 “Enhancing the environment for self-training and the training of teachers and school staff”;Supply of instruments and equipment – LABORATORIO DI TELECOMUNICAZIONI Codice B-4B-FESR04_POR_CALABRIA-2012-140.

Anyone can operate from Educational Institutions of all levels are invited to attend the event.



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