ARS44x87Our friends and members of the club Amateur Radio Society of Battipaglia, SA01, met the Honorary President of the Association I4AWX Luigi, accompanied by a nice lady, in these days of vacation at Paestum.

At the convivial evening, in which there has been no discussion about the future prospects of the ARS. Italy, booming during the last months, participated Antonio IZ8DQE, Diego IZ8CPU, IZ8FAY and Giovanni Pasquale IZ8EEI, referring A.R.S. the circle of Battipaglia, SA01. To accommodate the defendants IZ8DQE Antonio, recently a member of our Association and big fan, than that of the radio, Also motorcycling.

The place, exemplary, chosen for the evening was that of San Marco di Castellabate, where was filmed the famous “Welcome to South”.

Amateur Radio Society would like to thank John and all members of the club SA01 for the warm welcome given to Louis I4AWX and Mrs..

Here are the photos:


The group at the table with Luigi SA01 I4AWX and Mrs.


IZ8DQE Antonio



IZ8DQE Antonio


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