Thanks to the openings of TEP that you are experiencing at this time on the 4m and 6m,
gli IF part Team IDT (Italian DXpeditions Team) that are located in Zambia for shipment African 9J2T, have managed to get their signal
throughout the Mediterranean and beyond.
At the time they put in about LOG 600 QSO…
and adventure in “Maginc Band” not over yet! ;-)

Also, due to the current conditions of TEP, about 4m occurred tracks from the south towards Italy ZS6 and there were numerous African work stations including ZS6, 3DA0NJ, TJ3SN, 9L1A, TR8CA and evening, with the opening that expands westward,
have heard the beacon ZD7 and ZD8.
Also noteworthy is the QSO with PY, LU e CE.

Per info su 9J2T:



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