EME activity from Belarus (EW)
from 7 to the 10 March 2014

Dmytro UT6UA, announced that after the first shipment in Moldova with his Team (ER/UT5UAS, ER/UT6UA, ER/UT5RUF) in December 2013, will now be re-
“Field” dalla Bielorussia a KO51 o KO52 from 7 to the 10 March this year.

Setup: Between 8x7H, NOT GS35B, LNA SPF-5122
Modi: JT65 and CW on request
Data: From 7 to the 10 March 2014
QSL: Direct ( A.A.E. + 1IRC or 2 USD ) o PayPal (3 USD or 3 Euro) NO Bureau

Dmytro also announced that due to the recent events in Ukraine,
the main sponsors have declined from fulfilling their obligations.
Therefore, the team will be grateful to all the fans of attivià EME
for any donations.
For more information:


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