It’ established character Standing by’ I QRP Club
the’ I.Q.C.A..- I QRP Club Award

The Diploma is free and is issued to OM and SWL from around the world
that will connect or at least listen 25 Stations belonging to’I QRP Club
valid for a total score of 50 points.

Points will be awarded as:
1 point for QSO / HRD-QRP QRO,
2 points for QSO / HRD QRP QRP-.

The Diploma is achieved on all bands.
Each station can be connected once regardless of the bandwidth used.

You do not need to have received all the QSL, but you will have to send the extract Log, countersigned
the OM due, where you will be shown the number of enrollment stations QRP CLUB associates,
plus shipping costs of the Diploma.


IQCASource: I QRP Club


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