ARS1-reducedWell, we would like to tell us alone, of osannarci: occasionally, data in hand, permettetecelo.

Are “only” 40.000, rapid rise in, the unique hits on our website, the home of members ARS Italia, as you rightly said our IZ0EIK, those who have decided to go on a dream, a unique and unrepeatable. A media, our, nato grazie alla professionalità ed insieme disponibilità di due visionari del web: IK8YFU Alex e IW8RAO Domenico. It’ no getting around: if it was not for them, ARS members would not have had more than their benchmark.

A well-structured site, that, thanks to posizionameno, redundancy and interest of content, ha generato, day by day, increasing attention, a special appearance, an unexpected enthusiasm.

Certainly, a little bit, The situation gave us a helping hand, ma little hard. If not then you begin a strenuous action in the direction of involvement that an average of this type offers, you do not go over the fence of the house.

Internet, the great revolution of the global network, had just about this: us to go beyond the boundaries, tight, his home, gave us the opportunity to convey information in real time, especially to record feedback in real time, have, detta all’italiana, the pulse of the situation and offer direct otherwise unarticulated.

In this we succeeded: give a home to our members has meant cross their interests, their aspirations, will and passions and joining network, Modular knowing a will that is called desire to participate in the public discussion around our association, share our dream. has become a portal fully available to all shareholders and many others want to enter our world. As of today, over the relevant number of accesses, and also assist with satisfaction, to the many requests for registration on the site that we are reaching and, after appropriate cross-checks, are approved.

But the numbers just do not grow web, also increases the number of members, the Apply To. R.S.

Whatever people say and think someone might, from mid-December, was the 12/12/2013 the day of the launch of our website, There were more than 200 enrollment applications received.

For they will be very short due date confirmation.

We did not expect, eg, that the forum, put online in time rapidisimi, become another point of reference, that there was a lot of participation.

Many threads, many opinions that are encountered, many experiences, different sensibilities that find a place, virtual but very real, to merge into a single shared thinking.

In short, in a month we were able to provide ourselves with our virtual megaphone in the public square, we wanted to be another point of effective sorting of information sectoral, evidently, have “washing the screen” like you would use on TV, have given new life to our beloved association.

The success is due to the dispobibilità of those who collaborate with this website, whose, everyday, invents a new thing to make it even more penetrating the interface that we have proposed, easier to understand and use. This is due to the unbridled desire of people like our President Nicola I0SNY, true source of ideas, that does not leave in peace because no one cares to give advice and answers to those who write to us and, why not?, criticize us. You must Alessandro and Domenico, our “chef web”, that invariably translate into web interface requests, Sometimes improbable, writer, people like Erica who is, and hopefully it will still be the interface, This real-time, with our partners, Daniele IZ0ISD, Editor “The Radio”, people like Luigi I4AWX, President onorario A.R.S. true point of reference for all of us and not only.

Forty thousand times thank you all.


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