1. La costituzione di un Circle A.R.S. presuppone la volontà di un certo numero di aderenti all’ Association, minimum 5 OM, who have their own interests in the same geographic area, to form a Circle, as a unifying moment between members A.R.S. that have, within the amateur radio in a general sense, common goals and common interests. This clarified and circumstances, no member A.R.S. can be forced to join a Circle, Recognizing the’ A.R.S. also the right of its members to their full individuality associative. The Clubs are obliged to inform the national secretariat of any changes in shareholders transmitting new list of members

2. The establishment of a Circle presupposes, given as necessary, that those are the same Circle are indispensably priority and members of the Association members and recognized. It is not allowed to open clubs without showing clearly the membership of each member National Association or that their registration is subject to the opening of the Circle.

3. The Referee shall be stated in the notice of the constitution of the Circle. These, being set up, Club members did not find agreement on, the Coordinator is appointed by the C.E.N.. Successivamente i membri aderenti al circolo debbono comunque procedere ad eleggere al loro interno un referente che resterà in carica, unless justified distrust, until the expiry of the mandate which has a duration of three years from his election. The same will act as a liaison between the club and the structure of the Executive for all those tasks that may arise in the course of the Circolo same.

4. The Coordinator of the Circle can not make commitments and / or bonds that engage the national structure without the written permission of the President after the ratification of the CEN.

5. The club may have no legal status or external representation and, for this, has no regulatory obligation towards the public administration, has the duty of reporting to C.E.N. on the activities and / or tasks and about any revenues, however, obtained, not entitled to the issuance of the Tax Code in his name.

6. The Circle, solely for the purpose of organization may provide rules of procedure in accordance with the Statute and Regulations, which must be approved by C.E.N, in which will be indicated, against the other, the ability to elect or be entrusted with tasks of internal organizational, Members belonging to the structure, such as the cashier, the responsible service QSL, etc., and any other positions inside that were deemed necessary for the organization and good performance and development of the Circle, without that the above assignments are of external value or representation to the outside and / or towards the national structure. The contact person can represent the A.R.S. at the public and private bodies after appropriate delegation of the President heard the National Executive Committee.

7. The member can freely, routine notification in writing addressed to the National Secretariat and the Head of the Circle of belonging and destination, vary its membership at the club to which he subscribes, transiting to another club or abandoning the registration to the Club itself, without joining another club and without requiring any approval or denial on the part of the circle of origin which the partner intends to abandon. The request for membership to another club must be approved by the Circle of destination by vote of the shareholders with regular formal document sent to the CEN. which shall take note. Eventuali spostamenti vanno comunicati alla Segreteria Nazionale A.R.S.

8. In case of intake, da parte dei Circoli regolarmente costituiti, of sums of money or other benefits, however donated or assigned, by public bodies, di privati e/o di Associazioni, il Circolo verserà il 30% alla struttura Nazionale che provvederà ad emanare, eventually, regular tax receipt.

9. The Circle, duly constituted and approved by C.E.N. is independent. Fa riferimento alla politica dell’ Associazione Nazionale e ne attua tutte le indicazioni emanate anche a mezzo del Coordinatore Nazionale o dei Coordinatori d’ Area.

10. In connection with regard to the conduct of the Circles and the difficulties that may arise in the conduct of the same, the Coordinator of the Circle concerned, have to give notice to the President through the National Secretariat which, dirimerà the / situations manifested by ensuring resolve, through the mediation of an appointed delegate.

11. I Circoli eseguono le indicazioni emanate dagli Organi Nazionali dell’ Associazione anche in merito alla eventuale presenza a manifestazioni di settore e/o nei riguardi di enti pubblici o privati.