Group National Civil Protection A.R.S.

Our Association,for purposes connected with the activity of Civil Protection, It created the National Civil Protection Group A.R.S. adhering to the National Radiocommunications Emergency Grouping called R. N.R.E.

RNRE is a grouping of associations, each equipped with its own national structure and operating for decades in Italy, ritene, with the establishment of the Grouping, to be able to provide a highly professional and specific support in the Radio Emergency sector.
RNRE arose with the purpose of better organizing and coordinating emergency radio communications activities between the various associations and representing a unique user interface towards the National Department of Civil Protection in the case of requests of interventions, ensuring, also, adequate preparation and operational consistency among volunteers.

RNRE aims of:

Organize,coordinate and direct the synergy and cooperation between the associations and groups that make and will be members, so as to provide the best possible support to the interventions of Civil Protection, in national and international level.
1. Implement this coordination in order to deal with emergency telecommunications as specified by the National Department of Civil Protection.
2. Provide organizational support,operational and logistical items to organizations and the associations that request it through the National Department.

For the achievement of the purposes mentioned above are provided:
Courses of education and training for volunteers to be allocated to TLC activities of Civil Protection, in particular to the management of the Mixed Control Rooms, through its national instructors some of which already formed by specific courses organized by the Department.
Strengthening the current media structure and supplied equipment to the pool with a view to creating a mobile structure specialized in emergency telecommunications in direct coordination with the Department and not through regional mobile columns, which will operate in synergy in the territory.
Entering into agreements collaboration with other national volunteer associations for common operational synergies.
Scientific research and technical experiments in technological telecommunications.
extension and completion of national links available to the Grouping.
As described above , then to the GNPC ARS / RNRE, you must share the operating philosophy of RNRE and ensure the structure a minimum of availability , for both the mandatory training, both in case of an emergency request from the Department of Civil Protection.

membership to GNPC ARS / RNRE it can also be made by sympathizers Members (you need not be Radioamatori).
The additional charge for entry to the GNPC ARS / RNRE for the year 2017 It is €. 10,00 and it includes RNRE card and compulsory insurance law for the PC volunteer.

To sign up for the GNPC ARS / RNRE is necessary:

1) Being members A.R.S. (Vi verranno chiesti il numero di tessera ed il Circolo di appartenenza)
2) Send the scanning of a valid identity document
3) Send a photo to the card in .jpg format (at least 300 × 300 dpi)
4) Having paid the share of R.N.R.E. of €. 10,00 (on the same coordinates A.R.S.)

For any information or clarification please contact:
IZ0BNQ Pierfrancesco Courses - National Responsible ground level Group. A.R.S.
Cellular: 339 7636226 mail: pierfrancesco.corsi@gmail.com
IZ0UPZ Marco Di Iusto - Deputy National Responsible ground level Group. A.R.S.
Cellular: 335 5364680 mail: iz0upz.mardii@gmail.com

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