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IZ0BNQ Piefrancesco e IK0RNR Massimo

The 2/10/2016 Circles A.R.S. Italy Frosinone, FR01 and FR02, unitamente al gruppo R.N.R.E. the area were called to arrange a navaid on the occasion of the IV ° trail "l 'Ring robber“, long distance race at regional and municipalities involved could see the Roccasecca e di Colle San Magno.

The foot race is and’ turning on a unique spin on a mixed path 19 km (the river, mountain paths and short stretches asphalt), with minimum meter elevation 162 at maximum 713.


The radio link used for the occasion

There were ten stations located throughout the route (equipped with radio equipment and GPS) more’ a movable bridge installed in deep sea to allow radio communications in case of need.

Everything and’ played impeccably getting more’ Sometimes the compliments and the organizers as well as competitors themselves.

A big thank you to all my guys circles of Fr01 and Fr02 and R.N.R.E group. who they have attained a high degree of professionalism in the field of Radioemergenze.

IZ0BNQ Pierfrancesco



img-20161002-wa0023 departure-ring-robber


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