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The Project: “The Radio Young People ", realized by Amateur Radio Society is constituted by a set of initiatives, better specified below, which will have a single objective: "Spreading the culture of amateur radio among young people".

The age bracket mainly taken into consideration will be the period ta six and eighteen namely that of boys ranging from elementary school to high school.

The activities that will be undertaken to achieve the goal will be carried out, not necessarily in Educational Institutions, but also in the offices of the Working A.R.S. or in other places of local associations.

In order to have maximum visibility means will be adopted purely in use among young people: social networks which Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, this to "speak" the language of young people themselves.

The reference point of the whole project will be a section of the site where they will be collected and shared all the experiences. It will be an integral part of the project also the official radio ARS: Radio Studio7.

In order to facilitate relations between the world of Amateur Radio and schools, the Executive Committee A.R.S. work is underway to implement a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Education.

They will also be made of the brochures, by the Executive Committee which will serve to illustrate the world of radioamatori.Tali booklets will be disseminated mainly via computer.


As indicated in the introduction : “Spreading the culture of amateur radio among young people " sarà l’obbiettivo principale del progetto e ciò avverrà tramite la collaborazione tra Radioamatori e docenti per :

  • La determinazione dei punti comuni tra le programmazioni delle discipline scolastiche e le attività svolte dai Radioamatori;
  • The knowledge of new technologies to radio, such as digital modes;
  • The knowledge of the "history" of radio, through pathways not necessarily technical but also historical and literary;
  • The conduct of the research and production by students of material relating to the radio, (this is. Presentations, Video, papers);
  • Youth participation in radio operations such as connections in both fixed and portable in;
  • The exchange of experiences between different schools (with radio links)
  • Raising awareness of young people to volunteer choices;



The first stage will be the recruitment of the "forces at work". Through forms on the website will be collected accessions of many (teachers, Amateur radio or other) declare themselves ready to work for the project.

In this first phase will be given wide coverage, through the media, the existence of the project itself. They will then use the usual channels (Sito web, Facebook, Twitter, newsletters etc..) for the widest possible dissemination.

It 'clear, that all partnerships will be carried out free of charge self-financing except as may be required locally and found via the sponsor or any approval of school projects. In any case, the Amateur Radio Society will not recognize any kind of compensation for activities.

The second stage will consist of the construction of "turnkey projects" that can be downloaded from our site and made. These projects will be divided into categories: Elementary Schools, medium, upper and also by type of school, according to whether scientific or address is not. The realization of these "type projects" will be assigned to all those who want to collaborate (esiaterà a special upload page) ma il Team A.R.S. must conform, and catalog them before making them available on the Downloads page.

The terza fase in fact it will be the "dynamics" of the project in which the activities already become in turn proposals for those who will carry them out. In this way, our "library" will be enhanced even more by offering broad types of activities.

It will be made a "showcase" for the publication of photos, video and other documentation.
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