ARS1L 'A.R.S. Amateur Radio Society takes the field with new initiatives to bring even more of its members to "Society". It is a useful action because we need to expand and raise awareness about the association to which we belong.

In a word, we must be "identifiable" in the events in which we participate, whether Fairs, Conferences, Gatherings.
Be identifiable is a sign of belonging, means to love our A.R.S. – Amateur Radio Society.

For this reason we decided to make available to our community and to those who want to take advantage of, a series of marked Gadgets A.R.S. – Amateur Radio Society.

It starts from the membership card, formato bancomat, which can be combined with certain services such as insurance and antennas Bureau and which identifies the member.

Choosing our Gadgets means supporting the Association, join with conviction.

You can also write to the Secretary ( for more information and / or order in detail what you like.

Here are our Gadgets:bottone_clicca_qui