II° Contest A.R.S. Italy

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SB-2000 Digital Interface Modes – GC Antenna


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Antenna HOXIN X300 V-UHF

Prizes offered by IK7NNX socio A.R.S. Italy

Radio Interface AFSK digital modes and CW
Mod. VXCW3

The Radio interface for digital modes VXCW allows to operate AFSK in all modes currently in use in the amateur field, well as in telegraphy (CW), using the most common software, come Multipsk, HamRadio, MixW.
In CW mode, telegraphy is not simulated by the issue of audio tone, but the interface literally replaces the telegraph key whose socket must be connected. Can then be used to lighten the task of the operator in the contest CW.
The interface isolates electrically the radio from the PC to which you connect.
Do not use any port of your PC, therefore does not need its configuration. The USB connector is only used to collect the power 5 V from any source, which can be a USB socket on your PC, or use a separate power supply.
Provided by default with RTX mini-DIN connector 6 (used by Yaesu FT-8 series×9), can be equipped with a harness adapter for any other radio device.
Characteristics and evolution of the product are available on the website www.italysoftware.it in the "Amateur Radio".
For further information and clarification: IK7NNX romanelli@bit-italia.com

CAT Isolated Interface

Yankee Iso-Cat 2-L

The Yankee ISO-CAT is a CAT interface for the management of the radio via PC, using the appropriate software mostly free and integrated in particular in the most used programs for digital modes.
Also useful as a programming cable, this interface is galvanically isolated, thus maintaining the separation of the masses PC-RTX much demand audio interfaces.
Unlike most of the CAT available, the Yankee ISO-CAT was conceived favoring this particular feature.
Equipped with RS232 connector and mini-DIN 8 pole (used for example on the FT-8×9), can easily be adapted to control other devices with different connections Yaesu.
Successfully tested with USB-RS232 serial converters.
Further features and updates of this product can be found in the "Amateur Radio" site www.italysoftware.it

Also, Our partner offers a discount coupon of € 5 for the purchase of the interface for digital modes or for CAT isolated (the ones you see above) or the 10% discount for orders over 50 Euros for those who send the log to participate in the contest with a minimum of 70 QSO.


Our circle of Paola IQ8WF, by means of Referent IK8VKW Francis, person closely linked to the patron saint of Calabria and seafarers, San Francesco di Paola, wanted to signify his participation in donating a beautiful medal that represents the image of the Holy Patrono.Trovate more info at the following link:http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Francesco_da_Paola


Image of Medal Front / Back

One of our most reliable circles, IQ8UW of which is the reference IZ8FEV Giovanna. The circle of one of our web master IK8YFU patron of Calabria Right Team. They are also present and contribute to the initiative. Thanks to ARS Italy


A nice cup of Om with screen printing that will succeed in awarding him!

Airborne 5


The professional cable M&P-AIRBORNE 5 (AM 5 AIRBORNE more) is designed for teams operating in the specialty “DXpedition”. It has the same footprint of a RG 58 C/U (5mm) but weighs 1,4 Kg less for 100m and reduces to 50 MHz 3,6 dB/100m in meno. It can be buried or left submerged in the beaches affected by the tides. A 50 MHz ha un power handling di 520 WATT in continuous carrier and 1040 WATT in SSB.


Premio offerto da Planet Ham Radio

Info: http://planethamradio.it/

The violence Pla meters HitRadio (2) T80