The follies ARS Italia

Remember, in memory of OM, never has an Association of Radio Amateurs pushed itself so high thinking only and exclusively of the interest of those who love Radio, better your own radio station. How many Om have a complete station, those who want something useful…

We thought of them by organizing the “Annual diploma of the ARS Italia Circles. We strongly wanted to work to ensure that prizes of a certain consistency were made available and that perhaps the OM on duty does not have or cannot buy. We are not a rich association but the money from the dues and other proceeds that ARS manages, they are used only for the purposes of the Society, i.e. in favor of Members and Radio Amateurs more generally. We could do it because many OM friends, owners of well-known companies, they met us. It means that the prizes have been paid at a controlled price. In a period of great crisis due to the pandemic, we couldn't ask for gifts. Money is for everyone and our suppliers are fathers of families and must have income from their business.

I invite you to personally become aware of the awards:


First classified hunters


Powered by: CSY & Son







Second place hunters

Begali Expedition

Powered by: Begali Keys





Third classified hunters


Powered by: Ham radio Shop


First place ARS activators : Antenna Yagi 3 elementi full size

Offered by: SmarTech



Second place ARS activators

Veicolare bibanda YAESU FTM7250DE





Third place ARS activators

Alimentatore 50A switching

Powered by: AED Telecommunications



We do not believe we have ever seen such a thing… Get involved



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