PACC Contest 9/10 February 2019

This weekend the Dutch PACC Contest: seeks to connect all provinces Olandsi SSB, CW or Mixed in classic stripes:

The Dutch provinces are: GR, FR, Dr., OV, GD, OUT, NH, ZH, NB, LB, ZL, FL

The contest is supported by QARTest.

Rules in brief:

Working as much as possible for Dutch band stations.
160m-10m SSB / CW, with the exception of WARC, IARU bandplan.
Exchange: number of RTD series + starting from 001.
The Dutch stations give the abbreviation RTD + Province: GR, FR, Dr., OV, GD, OUT, NH, ZH, NB, LB, ZL, FL.
Categories: SOAB-CW, SSB o MIXED; any HP or LP (<100 In), MIXED anche QRP (<5In); MOAB (mixed, no restrictions on # TX); SOSB-CW, SOSB-SSB, SWL-MIXED.
Multipliers: number of provinces to band mode.
Points: one point for QSO.
Final Score: total number of QSO x total number of meshes.

At this link the complete Regulation: ReglementPACC2019


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