Here we are with the Black Friday ARS Italy

The initiative, approved at the last meeting of the National Committee ARS Italy, It's really sensational. We believe it the first time ever that association, ARS Italy, fielding such an initiative that has had, in other fields, world-shaking.

Comes Black Friday ARS Italia, one Discount accession reserved only and only to new members. When we say new members, we mean NEW, those who have never been part of ARS Italia.

Disclosed the initiative towards your friends OM, we are older.

So, you expect! The application form is easily accessible at this link: Click here

Here are our advantages of the Black Fridey ARS:

registration fee 2019 only and only for new members.
Up with press card at a cost of € 6: Discount 40% about
Signing up + Insurance costs € 10
Registration + insurance + € bureau 15

The promotion expires at the end of March 2019


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