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to the shareholders

Amateur Radio Society



Friends and Colleagues,

Another year is about to end. Our Association has spent many forces to meet any required of all of us. We hope to have succeeded ...

We have achieved many goals, the prestige of the Society increases, daily record of Amateur Radio contacts who want to join us because they see us as free, open to the challenges that lie ahead.

We have been present in many specific events in our industry, the most important ones: contunueremo to be there because they are moments of meeting. We love to see and learn about our Members, strigergli la mano.

We are people before numbers.

This year our clubs have really done their best. Not everybody, but most. We divertitti to participate in many races category, Call our club and become recognizable come in the major log management software. We must continue like, broaden the base of participation, encourage all to identify with the association. Identity is a difficult thing to create; ARS Italy there is going all out because we have to reach the pride of belonging, Our feeling something we can give a little 'of our time, aware that, in exchange, we are receiving something.

It is not a simple quid pro quo: When giving to others he is aware, immediately, to receive, … respect, consideration, it is as if donassimo ourselves, you feel satisfied.

A.R.S. Italy It is a family, we are all children of a passion that unites us, We are explorers and technological precursors remain always connected to an instrument, if you want old, unused, but that was the first step towards a great future: the RADIO.

Our cutting edge, in my opinion, this past year, was the creation of an asset that Radio, come Associazione, we were missing: a Diploma, rather, the Graduate Saracen Towers, the DTS with its hundreds of references scattered along the Italian coast. It will be soon implemented by broadening the base with the coastal fortifications, over the millennia have been built and we want to maintain as memory.

It was a success because the rules are simple, and because many of us like to do this kind of activity, sprint, occupying us for a few hours. Find all the details on our Site

We are carrying out, hardly, our Newsletter "The Radio", also become the focal point of many young budding radio amateurs that are small and easy projects to be implemented, Information about the association and many other news that affect us. In this regard, I invite everyone to share a bit 'of his knowledge, experiences, something, also easy to let others know.

Our G.N.P.C., the civil protection group that is growing slowly but serious people. The information on compliance with the Group which

What about the A.R.S. Circles: we are forming a winning team with people convinced and passionate.

We need to witness a growth, Also cultural must belong to all of us. It is useless to keep things in the head if no one can appreciate.

You know that to go on the Society needs you. My neighborhood is explicit especially with the renewal of membership and therefore with the sharing of objectives that we are also given us for the coming year, now near.

Who among you will still be in our 2018? We have done enough to earn your trust?

Have you done something to ARS Italy? J.F.K. he said to his people. I say to you and to myself in the first place: what have I done, we have done, for our Association?

This is what each of us, attenagliato by many problems, as many difficulties, should ask. I do it every day because I keep ARS, My feel like a child to grow and defend, I take example from other better than me, it also emulating their work, I do not watch their flag but their hearts.

It's what interests me.

I think ARS merits your, la nostra, confidence for next year. I truly hope to see you again and, together, carpe diem, step by step, consolidate and make great A.R.S. Italy.

Anyone who wants can also proceed immediately and everyway until 30 / Jan 2018

Thanks to all of Us, the people ARS, thanks to those who, It has contributed to our growth ... without naming names, inelencabili,

73 all, Merry Christmas and you and your families, and it's a 2018 better and more fortunate for all of US.

Francesco Presta, IK8LTB, for the moment and finally,

Presidente Amateur Radio Society – Italy

The news for the renewal can be found here: Renovation year membership fee 2018


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