Growing Radio, Italy grows ARS

You know that, we are always on the move, always working to project an image, the most positive as possible, della nostra ARS Italia.

We record every day, new members, possible new members who want to join our cause.

Joining ARS Italy, that you know, means putting or re-set in motion that will uncontrollable, to participate in the improvement of that image of Amateur Radio, tutti, that many times also appears tarnished by careless statements that are spelled out in the media.

It’ hard work that still must be supported, every day of the year. It will also why but mostly because we “beds” as a’clean Association, free from innermost thoughts and growth-oriented, training new Amateur Radio, that ARS Italia, slowly, slowly, for our will not to accept everyone and everything in the name of large numbers, that does not interest us, that people also decide to join later this year.

This makes us proud, especially when entire groups come together, associate and form our garrison, un Circle.

We are very proud, also because newcomers, they tell us, memorize our Constitution and our regulations. They are the garrison of living civilly, as in any civilized society: we are 3.0, do not forget.

In these last days of the year a group of OM Lombardi, varesotti, They have taken the road to land in safe havens, nella nostra Society.

This raises, our Circle Varese, in the municipality of Sumirago, the first in that province, led by IW2KIS Augusto, which together with other friends founded the Circle VA01.

Anyone wishing to contact the email to which reference is

We wish long life and good work, hoping to be productive in the name of our passion that unites us: the Radio.



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