Circles ARS for graduation Saracen Towers

We communicate that Saturday and Sunday, different circles ARS Italy, They will be active for

Graduate Saracen towers according to the following list:

Circle BA02, Gioia de Colle, It will be active from ref. DTS-BA008 Torre d'Incina Cala Incina - Polignano a Mare (BA)


Circolo CE02, Marcianise (EC), It will be active from ref. DTS-CE001 Torre Patria.


Circle TP01, Alcamo, It will be active from ref. DTS-TP002 Tower of Magazinazzi (Alcamo Marina).


Circolo BA01, Bari will be active from ref : DTS-BA005 HAIRY TORRE (Bari)


Circle IQ8CS, Cosenza sarà active from ref. DTS-CS001 Torre di Rienzo (Cetraro)




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