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I'm here to announce an interesting upcoming Saturday Activation 14 October for the Italian Flora Fauna of our Circle Award VB01, l’IFF-0193 Regional Park Alta Valle Antrona.

We will be in the Regional Park of Antrona Valley (VB) with our name IQ1NJ/P and exactly Viganella, a mountain village in the municipality of Borgomezzavalle, Guests City Administration that allows us to use municipal premises.
The Deputy Mayor as well as' friend and conscripting Pier Franco Midali will be "enlisted" for siting of antennas (HI).
I would like to inform you that Viganella and 'the first village if not one of the few in the world (or perhaps only) to have a winter daytime lighting system obtained by a huge motorized mirror that in the colder months, or when the sunlight is no longer able to enter the downstream, capture and reflect the rays at a certain height and then "retransmit" on the main town square, with obvious beneficial effects on the population.

There are countless journalistic heads and several TV also overseas who have visited this place, that certainly 'to see because of this uniqueness'. Even this' idea brought forth by the volcanic Pier Franco. That's why this ARS activation VB01 from JN46CB will have 'taste maybe a little' special.
As I always say, Radio is fun and not a profession, so be patient if you do not find a perfect management of any pile-up, currently we are "running out" of super HAM highly decorated, but slowly we in our small try to make us feel.

So ... Saturday 14 and have fun and come and visit the Val d'Ossola !
Timetables: pm 07,30 UTC circa, until late afternoon ( or exhaustion reached HI ...).
73 Sincerely Renato de IK1TNU & ARS VB01 Team.


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