EANET Sprint Contest 2017

After the success of previous editions, returns the version “sprint contest” dil graduate namesake, dedicated to “Radio Clubs of the World”. It will be held 5 November from 08:00 to 12:00 UTC.

In just four hours of activities you can win original and fun prizes can be shared with your partner or friends: hotels, restaurants, wellness or adventure centers.

Also, you have the ability to contact the radio clubs needed to complete the Diploma EANET.

EANET Sprint Contest 2017 – Graduate Radio Clubs of the World
In tribute to all the associations and Radio Clubs of the World, key elements to keep alive the spirit of amateur radio, EA Digital Federation (FAITH-EA), with the support of the European Organization of Amateur Radio (EURAO) , They created in 2008 Diploma EANET, international and permanent term capacity.

This competition aims to integrate that diploma with a specific activity, fun but with a certain degree of competitiveness, need to develop the ability to operate in adverse circumstances.

Giveaway Rules

Participants: Any amateur radio clubs and radio, who wishes can participate all'EANET® Sprint Contest, without discrimination as to nationality, or association.
Purpose: Contact all possible stations, all over the world, participating in this contest.
Bande and modi: Each frequency and authorized way for the amateur service, including satellites.
Period: Contacts valid are those made 08:00-12:00 UTC del 5 November 2017.
Categories: They will set up two major categories of participants: amateur radio clubs and radio, depending on whether the holder of the name is a single, or a combination.
His return, these categories can be divided into two sub-categories: National and International, depending on whether the participant is Spanish or less.

In the case of radio clubs, inoltre, You will also be considered as two sub-categories: members and friends, depending on their relationship with FEDI-EA and / or EURAO.

Points: Every contact made, it is confirmed, will have a point value depending on the type of the corresponding:
Radio club member: 5 points
Radio club Friend: 3 points
radioamatore: 1 points.
In order of ranking it will be calculated only ONE contact with a single name. The repetitions are worth zero points.

For both, radio amateurs and radio clubs, only the amount of points received will be taken into account, namely QSO actually confirmed by the corresponding log.

As multipliers, You will be used the number of different countries and continents contacted, the final score will be the result of the formula:

Points x Countries x Continents.
To encode the position of each station, It takes into account the ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 for the country and one of the following abbreviations for the continent: OF, AN, AS, BE, NA, OC o SA. Or the hierarchical address of the packet BBS nearest radio.

Call: “CQ EANET Sprint Contest”.
Logs: To validate the contacts, Participants should send their log in Cabrillo or ADIF to: eanet-sprint@fediea.org, within two weeks of the contest.
The subject must contain: “EANET Sprint log di XXXXXX”, where XXXXXX is the callsign used during the contest. The attached log file must be named “XXXXXX.log” the “XXXXXX.adi”, replacing, It is the case, any “/” (bar) with the “-” (dash).

The body of the message will be displayed: name and surname or company name, category in which you participate (Amateur Radio / radio club), the preferred language.

Award: For the first, Second and third places in each category there will be the following awards:
Weekend in Hotel
Wellness or adventure (spa, rafting, …)
All stations with at least 25% the score achieved by the winner in their category will receive a certificate of participation.

Subscribers: Sending the participation log is considered valid as registration for this contest, assuming full acceptance of the relevant conditions.
unexpected: Any event not present in these rules shall be resolved by the organizing commission and its decision is final.

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