Radioamatori and P. C. (2^ part)

President Alberto Barbera IK1YLO R.N.R.E.

of IK1YLO Alberto Barbera.

In the previous article we started to do some 'clarity in the world of volunteering and integration of amateur radio operators in these activities.
In the far 1985 the then Minister for the Coordination of Civil Defense had decided to give the job to some radio amateurs to create an alternative network of radio and later in 1986 the Ministry of the Interior had sent a recommendation to the prefectures to make contact with the only association of radio amateurs of the time and that the ARI for possible uses of amateur radio in emergency situations.
From those times it has gone well 32 years and then radio amateurs were the only tool available for supporting disaster or public events authorities.
The development of communications has been tumultuous in the last thirty years and then, to assess a real possible use nowadays Amateur Radio Emergency, we must necessarily start from the following considerations:
1. the increasing presence of telematics infrastructure in our world, cell phone, internet, wired networks, satellites etc..
2. all the voluntary sector associations operating in emergency are equipped with RTX equipment and their internal networks operating on civil frequencies
So radio amateurs are no longer remained the only alternative for communications unless, as repeatedly stressed in the context of the world conventions, in countries where there is not a valid network infrastructure: we can cite as an example the experience of Nepal, or even before Haiti, where radio amateurs actually brought their major contribution.
Another example closer to us fù the war in Yugoslavia, where, eg, Slovenia had to use massive use of radio amateurs to cover the communication gaps.
Looking at the current situation in Europe and specifically in Italy, which it can rightly be considered at the forefront Civil Defense, we must make a substantial differences between :

• Radio activities in support of events or events
• emergency activities
This difference was unfortunately not well understood by the amateur radio associations, still remained tied to notifications 1985 aforementioned .
He continued to give the impression externally that all radio amateurs for the mere fact of being in possession of driver's license and license, They were able to perform both the above tasks.
This misconception has led the same radio amateurs to live pleasant experiences and definitely not embarrassing in a context, namely the Civil Protection, where they had made great strides: I want to mention just one example occurred during the L'Aquila earthquake.
An Amateur Radio sent to Onna, which you will recall it was one of the areas most affected by the earthquake, messosi to those responsible was immediately invited to lend its support as a result of rescuers groups.
We recall that the area had been completely closed and inaccessible to anyone not involved in the relief effort for security reasons.
At this point he was invited to wear the uniform in order to be recognized as provide regulations in these emergencies.
Candidly had to confess that it was not provided with divided since the association he had sent not considered necessary .
The problem was solved by asking a volontaro present, given the emergency ,to take off his uniform and lend it to fellow amateur radio ....
Imagine the embarrassment and hence the Amateur Radio decided never to participate more in the future for such eventualities do definitely not pleasant figures ....
That Amateur fact he confessed to have paid in the past several times his work in the area for cycling or similar events, and that no one had explained the importance of a divided, as reported in the guidelines of DL8, come “the first DPI (Personal Protective Equipment) to use .

Having tried to evaluated the various activities of the same type have led to confusion not only within the amateur radio world but especially outside, much to consider not the most reliable radio amateurs from institutional managers of emergencies.
In practical fact, for many years radio amateurs are out of the emergency situation and in fact those who wanted to continue to play this type of activity, have turned to operative Associations although not in the specific field of emergency communications.
Here it is possible to find today OM in Mercy, in the ANC,in the FIR-CB, etc..
The Association of Amateur Radio for years was not activated to provide input, and the last urgency relating to the earthquake that struck the Italian Center is a shining example.
During the Aquila earthquake we realized this situation ,and having learned of the decision by the DPC to create columns membership furniture that were directly activated from Rome without going through the Regio, it was decided to give life to RNRE and begin to recover all OM and not, who wanted to volunteer Civil Protection professionally.
The results are there for all to see: selected a presence throughout the national territory of means, equipment and volunteers who have led and a Council activation by the Presidency began on 24 August and ending 23 January U.S.
The use of radio amateurs in the new scenarios.
To speak of the real use of Radioamatori must start from the consideration made earlier and that is to examine the various scenarios in which radio amateurs can be involved and that it was considered to bring in detail below:
• Radio Support to sporting or public events of particular importance
In this case, subject to the restrictions prescribed by law and obligations by the municipality to issue specific orders, Amateur Radio can be supportive by providing a radio coverage both with the use of RPT already installed or portable to be placed in an appropriate way to ensure that there are no shadow zones.
The frequencies normally used are VHF / UHF.
The zones are limited in terms of area and definition of the type of medium to be used determined well in advance.
In case of supply by the local administrations of equipment operating on civilian frequencies will be those to be used.
In this case of course we can not talk about emergency-type activities
• People Search
It’ normally required by the Prefecture in case of search for missing persons and takes place in conjunction with dog lovers groups, groups of volunteers, police.
This type of activity usually involves software applications made in order to dissect the ground and require the use, from volunteers, GPS devices .
Again there is usually a defined area and a warning time normally at least one day.
Remember that in mountainous areas this type of activity and delegated exclusively to the Mountain Rescue.
In some cases, particularly in difficult areas we have been used by the Grouping (R.N.R.E.) satellite stations to create an area coordination center.
This activity already requires trained personnel and equipped with adequate means and equipment in addition to a harmony with the other forces in the field.
RNRE is particularly distinguished in recent years for the service carried out especially in inaccessible areas dell'Appennino.

• Support for defusing explosive devices
This task is claimed by the authorities, where the population is necessary to temporarily evacuate and close access.
In this case you have a notice period of several days and then you can define the mode of action.
They are activities that are normally resolved in a day and the required support is to maintain contact with an operating center to coordinate the opening and closing of the gates of switched on and any critical for moving people with handicap.
Again we can not just talk about emergency-type activities.

• Support in emergency situations
Different for these scenarios with targeted and timely that can not be provided by normal radio amateurs but for several years now they see the exclusive presence of structures with specific means and equipment.
The volunteers / Radioamatori used are suitably prepared and inserted into a co-ordinated framework and defined .
The envisaged scenarios:
A) emergencies of natural causes in limited areas and then type A / B: coordinated by municipalities and Regions
B) emergencies for reasons arising from the man in limited areas of type A / B: coordinated by municipalities and Regions
C) emergencies caused by attacks : in this case, the type of intervention is defined from time to time and so the type of coordination

D) Large emergencies : in this case they are defined as type C and there will be presentations of furniture Columns of National associations affiliated with the Council Presidency .
Mounts and coordination are made by the Presidency of the Council and provide for the granting of the benefits provided by Law 194.
In this case the presence of Radioamatori, not part of specific structures, It is not taken into account in the affected areas.
Their use can be beneficial to collaborate on alternative HF network,just as it has done by RNRE pm 5 of 24 August for the first three days.
Many radio amateurs also are not part of the grouping began on hand to provide the National Radio room IQ1HR (Headquarter Radioemergencies) News from the territories involved useful for movements of vehicles and volunteers reached the affected areas.
In this case we can still speak in practical usage of Radio Amateurs.
The essential conditions for this type of intervention are:
1. Willingness to act quickly
2. They are trained according to Dl 81
3. It is trained on the use of new communication half
4. They are equipped with uniforms
5. Knowing the means and equipment of C.M.N.
6. Knowing the integrated system of the DPC intervention
If so Radioamateur available to intervene on emergency places, along the lines of the past, unfortunately there is absolutely no room. It would only get in the way in a system that requires professionalism and availability.
The radio amateurs are therefore definitely useful considering their basic training and flexibility to get by on site to resolve technical problems but only if integrated into a national project.
In addition, only it is considering the last disaster we have seen that in addition to an operating core of OM prepared for this type of activity there were many volunteers who have provided specific and highly professional support always in the communications that were not amateurs want to remember ... installed data networks,cartography and logistical support to the population.
So in conclusion . Ben are radio amateurs with their wealth of experience but only if they are willing to become part of an integrated system of Civil Protection.
In future articles we will try to go into the details of the operation requests.

(ed) This article will find it, and soon with more details, in the latest edition of “The Radio


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