Volunteer-ground level. and Amateur Radio

Let's start, with this article, a series of reflections on the world of Civil Protection in which we are inserted as R.N.R.E.

Let's start with a consideration :
We have to live with nature trying to respect it !
It is not possible, as some believe “spin doctors”, bend nature to our interests, climatic variations they have always been and always will be. He remembered the Nobel Prize , prof. Rubbia that “Greenland is the name given by the Vikings, ie Green Earth ... the mild climate that led her to be their territory for the cattle ranches and pastures”.

The same considerations can be made on other parts of the planet.

Similarly, for the seismic events , on which you can not intervene, but we can and must be able to minimize the damage and to intervene in aid of the population.
Detto questo ” is everyone's duty to be available to provide support, but in an organized and professional manner according to rules and mechanisms increasingly defined at national level”.
We too Amateur Radio we have to respect these rules if we want to make our contribution.

Volunteer-Civil Protection and Amateur Radio are a trio that, on the one hand represents excellence, on the other hand an endless source of threads and lacerations inside the body of Radioamatori.

Let's start with two dates
• 14 November 1951
• 24 August 2016

The first recalls the tragic flood of Polesine with deaths and destructions 100.000 people who left their homeland to move to other parts of Italy or abroad.

This date may, rightly, It is considered as the beginning of the relief activities in which intervened Italian Amateur Radio.

The second date is the date of the earthquake Amatrice to whom, the 30 October, They are followed that in Umbria and Marche.

65 years separating the two dates but is a chasm as regards the interventions and the operating conditions of the rescue.
In 1951 we witnessed a spontaneous volunteer in which Radioamatori They esplicitarono their work by providing an essential support communication, that, at that time, They consisted only in a low fixed telephone network and a few radio available to the Ministry of the Interior and the Army.

In 2016, repeat this action on the part of radio amateurs would have been really poor utilities bearing in mind that communications, to this day, can count, under normal conditions, on a dense network of fixed telephony and fax transmissions, an extended cellular network with different operators, a now extremely widespread Internet and in every home..
We review, in detail, the three items of the object in trinomial:

In Italy the number of volunteers belonging to associations recognized as such and then enrolled in the regional or national registries, it's about 800.000 unit.
volunteering It is no longer spontaneous but framed in a specific legislative system that defines the membership rules, economic resources and above, through the law 194 art 9 and 10, the maintenance of the workplace and reimbursements for expenses incurred.
Our volunteering is a really excellent compared to what happens in other countries. We always confirmations participating in various international symposia.

The 4 April 2017 the government received a mandate to reshape Third sector that is precisely what the Volunteering.
Already, the rules to be defined as a voluntary association are very clear and restrictive. The changes that have been made and we have communicated, with preliminary documents, are even more.
Within nine months of the law it will be submitted to the Chambers and becomes enforceable.
The highest body in Italian for volunteering is the National Council established by law 25 January 2008 and in which it is present, from about 10 age, R.N.R.E.

The logs that lists the voluntary associations are at regional and national level.

As part of a specific volunteer role is delegated to organizations operating in the field of civil protection.
This operation may be exclusive, as in the case of partial or RNRE as it happens for other associations especially the health sector.
To provide summary data, we can say that the total of volunteers, then the various structures employed from August 2016 January 2017 , It was 25.000 units where, obviously, the highest number was that of the volunteers included in the logistic support to the population.
The total man / days for the entire period was 139.000.
These are the official figures disclosed in recent days directly from the Prime Minister's Office.

The Civil Protection System is based on two basic levels:
• territorial
• national
Recall that organisms that can trigger the volunteers in case of emergency or esercitative and training activities , and then grant the legal benefits, are only:
• Regions : for the area of ​​competence
• Council Presidency :nationally
No other structure, Common, Province, prefectures etc.. He has the title to activate and grant legal benefits
Obviously the skills and activations depend on the type calamitous event that if Type A and B are believed to be dealt precisely with the territorial structures.
If instead of only C type the activation is the direct responsibility of the Prime Minister that active national structures
At the local level each Region has adopted its own Regional Mobile Column able to operate on its territory and possibly, but only at the specific request of the Prime Minister for Type C emergencies .
Nationally some associations have provided over the years its own Mobile Column able to intervene quickly according to defined protocols.
These columns furniture are financed through the specific and individual agreements signed with the Council Presidency.
RNRE has about 10 years of its mobile column emergency .
National activations occur very selectively. in fact, in’ last emergency in central Italy the first activation 25 August it involved 12 national associations operating mainly in the health sector, to search for people and logistical first responders. For the communications industry only FIR-CB and RNRE .

The Regions play a role were instead : Lazio, March, Abruzzo and Umbria.
RNRE has operated 98 Operating from volunteers 24 August 2016 up to 23 January 2017 with only one short break in October, before the second quake, for a total of 750 G/U
Upon receipt of the activation, the single national structure decides on the basis of the event what means and to send volunteers.
The volunteers are activated ONLY ones :
1. insured
2. trained through basic and specific courses required by the national associations according to a precise training program.
3. with DPI, and among these mandatory uniform
Failure to comply with these rules does incur the managers of the individual departments to civil and criminal consequences, expected that insurance companies, in case of accidents, do not intervene if the requirements are not met.

The role of amateur radio has changed a lot in these 65 years partly as a result of technological developments and the surrounding world.
Unfortunately it is a mistake to radio amateurs as volunteers for the mere fact of being in possession of driver's license and license!
Similarly, the various national associations of radio amateurs, not only in Italy, they wanted to mix the two roles without keeping in mind that operate in Radio from home is not the same as working in a place full emergence ...
For years, amateur radio associations have asked their members to travel with their own equipment on the emergency places: in practice as if dell'antincendio volunteers were to travel with their personal fire extinguishers or those with health first aid kit ...
Not to mention that in case of theft or damage would hardly Amateur revised its equipment purchased with sacrifices ...
In this decade it occurred, in this sense, a real revolution in all countries. Infatti, alongside the national Amateur Radio Association, They were born specific structures operating ONLY in an emergency and autonomously .
After that, the same IARU took note of the situation by admitting the existence of these facilities for emergency situations.

report here, some countries with the structure acronym for emergencies and in brackets the Association of Radio Amateurs.

Even Italy, ten years ago, It was in line with this trend creating R.N.R.E. – National Radiocommunications Emergency grouping, which it is not and will not be an Amateur Radio Association, but a coordinating groups or structures from Radioamateur Associations intending to operate only in the field of civil protection volunteering.
There are so specific structures that for years worked in this industry or other instead of coming by ERA , CISAR, ARI who wanted to devote himself exclusively to the civil protection in some cases they are fitted to the association of origin and other leaking when it was not possible to formally .
Beside these facilities we then other national associations such as A.R.S. Italy and within them has created a group dedicated solely to civil protection.
Fundamental point recognize ALL RNRE as in the case of exercises and emergencies with a single currency, only early warning chain, unique equipment and vehicles owned by the Grouping. Everyone is well aware that those working in civil protection is primarily a VOLUNTARY and therefore should make not only their technical knowledge but should always be available to perform other tasks that might require emergency.
Just in seismic emergencies in central Italy has shown that this principle has been fundamental for both the professional knowledge of individual volunteer that the flexibility that was necessary for relief work.
Each of us is free to pursue his amateur radio activities , DX, contest, QSL, etc. activations., in the Association of Radio Amateurs who prefers, then they find themselves together ALL, volunteer civil protection, Grouping in RNRE. In the following considerations we will examine the various operative and educational aspects.

73 Alberto Barbera of IK1YLO (barbera@rnre.eu)


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