XXXVII ° Competition Ciceronianum Arpinas

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Ciceronianum contest Arpinas

The event was conceived by a group of adherents to Radioamatori Amateur Radio Society (A.R.S. Italy), the Circles Media Valle del Liri FR02 and Frosinone FR01.
The purpose of the Award is to honor the event dedicated to the translation of the works of Marco Tullio Cicerone and make known the land of origin of the famous lawyer, politico, Roman writer and speaker through communication Radio.

A bit of history

The Ciceronianum contest Arpinas is a translation and commentary from the Latin race of a piece by Marco Tullio Cicerone. The event is organized by the Humanities Center "Marco Tullio Cicerone" in collaboration with the City of Arpino.

The event was born in 1980 at the behest of the then dean of Tulliano High School Arpino, Prof.. Ugo Quadrini with the intention of reaffirming the validity of the classical Latin culture and its language study, through the thorough examination of the works of one of its greatest exponents.
The event is open to students worldwide enrolled in the final year of High School and, from 2015, the High School and is held during the month of May in Arpino City.

The program, in addition to the translation and commentary proof that engages students in a day, It provides numerous collateral initiatives such as roundtables, lectures on Latin language and literature, seminars and debates on issues and themes Europeanist, concerts and exhibitions. The final day is certainly the most charming and joyful; it takes place in the picturesque setting of Piazza del Municipio decked out for the occasion with the flags of all participating nations.

The Ciceronianum contest Arpinas He enjoys the patronage of President of the Italian Republic.

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