CTU 2017, A.R.S. Italy is present

Missing just one of the most coveted by all Italians and foreigners OM appointments. The Contest University of Italy It is not only an exhibition, but an event Radiantistico which it can neither be given up.

In 2016 have been several events dedicated to Contesting. How do we arrange, such setup, how many and which operators, categories, in short, a real school of doing Contest.

For this edition, reports are provided CT1BOH, ED8XS56A, DJ0IP, I0ZY, E7DX, IZ1LBG, IK1HJS, I2IFT, IT9BLB and awards ARI DX Contest and Sections 2016Field day HFBands Basse Italy

The event is scheduled for 11 and 12 next March.

A special tribute goes to Romeo IK2EAD e a Stefano IK2QEI, which are the engines of C.T.U. Italian, together with all the employees of the Centro Fiera del Garda.


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