A.R.S. Italy & Y.L. R.C.I. Partnership

And eccocci arrived to another milestone, helpful, important, for us strategic. We have always said and maintained that the shared goals è, for us, fundamental. We prove it by sharing some “know”, from any quarter, our newsletter “The Radio“, participating in various activities Radio, whoever organizes, promoting events of any kind that affect our world. As long as things are serious and concrete. Today, but the issue goes back a few years ago, we materialized a new partnership with a world, that of YL, that is too often “bed” as a minor, as if it did not almost part of our scope of OM. Not so. It’ a world of many operators who often are also the protagonists of operations of great importance Radio: just remember some DX expeditions to the female and commitment that some explicit social groups.

To take an example close to us, the YL Group RCI, as part of a project for a playroom designed the University Hospital, “Federico II°” of Naples, Department integrative activities directed by Professor Pediatrics. Alessandro Settimi, She has donated a table football, one of the pastimes that, today again, passionate about children and…adults.

Are significant signs of attention to those who are in a state of suffering.

Noi di ARS Italia, like to deal precisely with these people, with who makes his own OM experience a mission that goes beyond the Radio. We love those who are, what are they doing, not those who just want to look. As usual you talk, there are many around, here are zero.

From today, then, often end up on our communication channels, the voice of the group YL RCI well represented by the President IK8HCK, Dora Grimaldi and Annarita Le Coche IZ8YWV, secretary. All’uopo, We invite our Socie to contact the email group of President ik8hck@libero.it if they wanted to be part of this group.

We are satisfied and happy for the simple fact that he had met on our way other people who have the right attitude that every good Old Man should have… not to talk of which I am filled ditches.


Below the thanks of Prof. Alessandro Settimi, YL to RCI Group.


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