13 February 2017: Radio Day

Radio Day is the day dedicated to Radio organized by 'UNESCO which will start next, 13 February. Quest'annno theme is “Radio is you!“. Noi Radiamatori, we will be on air with a series of special names: AO1WRD, AO2WRD, AO3WRD, AO4WRD, AO5WRD, AO6WRD, AO7WRD, AO8WRD and AO9WRD for the whole weekend: from now, Friday 10 Monday 13 pv.

The goal of’UNESCO to devote one day to the Radio which is a means to improve the simple and inexpensive communication, especially suited to reach the most remote communities.

The day should also be a good opportunity to reflect and evaluate the environment and the work done in the development of society. We Radioamatori, as a subcategory within the Radio in general, we have a role and help to keep alive the knowledge of the latest technologies.

In this activity, the Federation EA Digital It offers the option of connecting special stations to its partners and send special QSL card for each contact, which it is also valid for the diploma Radio Club World, EANET.

More info: http://www.fediea.org


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