WRTC 2022, We support Italy

Online Petition to support the Italian nomination WRTC 2022. You sign on the site www.wrtc2022.it

Il giorno 22 January 2017 a group of OM will meet to discuss the will 'and opportunity' to present the candidacy of 'Italy as a possible country's most important event organizer of radio-sport: the WRTC in 2022.
About this, before launching an official bid to WRTC Sanctioning Committee and 'it decided to start a collection process of consensus among the population in amateur radio means of on-line petition.
The signing of that petition, found here http://wrtc2022.it/
What is WRTC ?
The World Radiosport Team Championship, abbreviated WRTC, It is a contest (competition) amateur. The WRTC is an event in which the elite of world contesters who passed the qualifying competes using radio stations in the same geographical area, with the same antennas and operating conditioni.
As for the Olympics, the WRTC is held every four years. Each WRTC event is organized by a committee of recognized internationalmente competitors and takes place in the host nation. Among all amateur activities The WRTC is the closest competing in a world championship of Radiosport.

Source: www.wrtc.it


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