MDXC: “20 years award”

MDXC twenty years old. The history of a club, become among the most coveted in the world, It is celebrated with an Award, MDXC “20 years award”, of which we participate Regulation.

Our newsletter “The Radio“, Output by early February, you will find more info and statements of the Founder of the Club, Pino IZ8BGY, the current president IZ8CCW Ant, dell’award manager IZ1BZV Giorgio and other surprises.

MDXC is one of the most renowned clubs in the world like other as “Clipperton” etc.…, which includes high caliber Amateur Radio as Gabriele I2VGW.

Amateur Radio Society celebrates together all'MDXC the event, supporting them through their own channels of communication and actively participating with its Members and Clubs.

Ecco il regolamento:

MDXC “20 years award”

The Mediterraneo Dx Club, on the twentieth anniversary of its foundation, He wants to celebrate the event with all members and sympathizers.
We will do it with a series of special stations that should be recognizable by their name, from 1 to the 30 April 2017.
To enjoy ourselves more 'we still decided to organize “20 years award”.

Three step caratterizzaranno the award:

20 years bronze
Will be released with at least 50 QSOs with special stations. Each first connection with an MDC station, for band and mode, It is counted as a valid QSO. With the same special station can be carried out 3 QSO on each band (SSB. CW e RTTY) . The stations will have at least 50 QSO can request a free diploma will be sent by e-mail in PDF format.

20 years silver
All those who connect at least 4 Special stations, one for each continent (Africa, America, Europe and Asia), may request the 4 beautiful qsl which combined with puzzle modes will form the 'award

20 years gold
Who will link at least 20 Special stations, of which at least one for each continent (Africa, America, Europe and Asia) potra 'require the plaque GOLD, handmade wooden with your callsing.

Cost of plaque € 25,00 including shipping

20 years TOP
Reserved for activators of special stations. Special station who has totaled more 'QSOs, It will be appointed TOP, It will receive a handmade wooden plaque, for achievement.

All requests, for qsl and award, must arrive at 'award manager:

19123 SPICE SP

It specifies that :
The bronze degree It is free and you will receive, on request, via e-mail;
The diploma silver managers can be requested by sending the list of contacts by mail or e-mail;
The diploma gold and 'it is requested to the manager by post or e-mail, together with a contribution of € 25,00 also via paypal to 'address
The diploma TOP It is free for the station receiving the highest total QSO.

Other operators by special stations may apply for the manager, the cost of the diploma gold, by sending mail request.


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