1Murals of Sardinia Trophy

The day 08/01/2017 the circle A.R.S. Sassari SS01 It will be on air by the City of Hove for

Trophy mural Sardinia City Hove.

A bit of history:

The Sardinia It is a land that has some of wall the most beautiful in the world. An art form born out of protest movements, as a free creative expression of the population against the power, that the island has found plenty of space for their value not only aesthetic but also social. Some parts of Sardinia are known for their magnificent murals, including Orgosolo and San Sperate over all.

no war murals orgosolo Sardinia barbagiaLa word mural shows those paintings done on public or private buildings walls, the composition of which involved, in most cases, more people; colors on the walls that tell the labors, complaints and the great achievements of a small community, colorful history of everyday stories that are interwoven harmoniously to the depiction of events and world-term political struggles, cultural event showcasing perennial.

In particular, it is Oryx (community located on the northern edge of Barbagia, a 18 km from Nuoro), country symbol of 'barbaricino universe, to stand out from other anonymous inland villages to the characteristic murals; some of them are projected conspicuously on the walls of houses, so that the tourist gaze can not help but observe carefully.

Source: http://www.genteinviaggio.it/


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