DX Trophy, A.R.S. tra i supporters 2017

trophy-2017-logoA.R.S. It will be among the Supporters of DxTrophy for next year. The event was created by’ idea of ​​some Italian dx'er. The regulation Dx-Trophy and’ very simple.

During the course of’ year will be a choice Dx Pedition. Those who participate will score the highest number of QSO SSB-CW-RTTY by (6 have 160m);

Sara’ Care Committee, at the end of each dx-pedition, generate the list by district (not valid for the awards) and ranking genarale;

the Committe, for 2017, has decided that the race, expected the unexpected success, It will be extended to national level.

The new Om joining the event will have a “Bonus” of 5 points as they have not had the opportunity to participate in the 1st Right-Pedition (3XY1T);logo-ars_registrato

Will be the first winners 3 classified regional;

These scores achievable by band:

Band 6 meters points 3
Band 10 meters points 1
Band 12 meters points 1
Band 15 meters points 1
Band 17 meters points 1
Band 20 meters points 1
Band 30 meters points 2
Band 40 meters points 2
Band 80 meters points 2
Band 160 meters points 2


Info: http://dxtrophy.jimdo.com/


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