CQWW, preparativi in casa A.R.S. Italy

CQWW 2016 Ba e BT0129 and 30 October 2016. Questa è la data cluou, the most awaited by all Amateur Radio World. The CQ WW is an opportunity not only to try their hand at one of the most beloved contest but also for those who hunts missing the last call in your log.

A.R.S. Italy, with its Members and Clubs, sharing with Om ARI, You are planning to be present. Giungono dalla Puglia le prime segnalazioni da due dei nostri “deans”: BA01 e BA02.

Together with our partners that will be operational by Aquaviva delle Fonti, at the location of the connecting IZ7ZKV Bruno who has kindly made available, Staff is also I7PHH Gianni, noto challenge in terra Pugliese. The group will be part: iz7pdy iu7cst – iu7gqz – iz7zkv – ik7xnf – ik7jve – I7phh

In short, a mixed aggregate, as it should be sembre…over the fences, which surely will produce excellent important placings.

Appointment to the weekend for the CQ WW.

Here is a photo of some of the preparations:


Attach vertical


The CQ WW group 2016



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