Ars Italia: CE02 new life,en!

ARS Amateur Radio SocietyARS Italia, also changes at the peripheral level.

several Circles They are renewing their leadership by electing new Referrals, perhaps with more desire to embark on a journey operational“, leaving behind a way of doing that, in our Association, l’A.R.S., not find hotel: you know, we do not like very much who want medals only to expose them. A.R.S. Italy is not a circus, but an association which quickly and effectively solves certain problems.

Mariagrazia Buccini IZ8STL, New Circle Coordinator CE02, It has a long involvement in frequency: he obtained a driver's license Radioamatore in April 2010, He has started its journey in the town band already 25 years ago.

Moreover, è one of the two women Circle referents in A.R.S. Italy, una persona corretta, precise and scrupulous. It will surely be the glue for the entire group CE02, a club that has all the conditions to increase the visibility, so far totally missed. activations, theme nights, participation in events of our world and other projects will be the leitmotiv that will bring avanta the new Coordinator. Well, let us greet with great satisfaction this long awaited turnaround, a re-start and I had to take to an association like ours, which has among its objectives the involvement of their members and Clubs.

Thank Mariagrazia IZ8STL for accepting the proposal made by our ref. area of IU8ACV Vincenzo and we wish you good job, conscious will also be a support for the whole circle.


Here are the photos:


IZ8STL Mariagrazia Ref. Circolo CE02



IK8TMD Salvatore, IZ8STL Mariagrazia and IU8ACV Vincenza


Social dinner with some components CE02


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